Between.Pomiędzy 2022 in Brazil

For the last twelve years we’ve been creating a space for creative encounters between scholars and artists in Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia in northern Poland. Theatre-makers, poets, writers, translators, publishers and academics from various parts of the world have come to work in a laboratory environment so as to pursue their own paths and share some of their internal worlds. Between.Pomiędzy 2022 takes the form of a Dispersed Festival, which attempts to answer some of the challenges in the world around us. This means that academic and artistic events will occur throughout the year in a variety of places, and at times their format may be surprising, even to us.

The Dispersed Festival commences with the event called ENTRE, which is co-organised with the Máskara Theatre and Federal University of Goiás, with partnership of the Grotowski Institute. ENTRE is held between 8th and 13th June in Brazil, in the city of Goiânia and São Paolo. We search for the most effective ways to merge scholarship with theatre and poetry, and to do further research in these fields. As ever, we are open to the ideas of those who cooperate with us. We work as the Between.Pomiędzy Research Group, which is affiliated at the Department of Performing Arts Research at the University of Gdańsk.

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