UG among public universities with the highest number of applicants per place

In the information on the results of enrolment for the academic year, 2021/2022 at universities supervised by the Minister of Education and Science, the University of Gdańsk was among the universities most frequently selected by university candidates.

According to the status as of December 31, 2020, provided by the Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS), 349 HEIs were operating in the academic year 2020/21, of which 130 were public and 219 non-public (including 10 run by religious organisations).

The first place in the ranking of universities where more than 4 candidates applied for one place was taken by the Gdańsk University of Technology (8.2). The Technical Universities took the first 4 places, and among other universities, our University (4.1 candidates per one place) was overtaken by the dominating in the rankings UW (4.8) and UJ (4.5), as well as the University of Wrocław (5.3), the Cardinal Stanisław Wyszyński University in Warsaw (4.4) and UMCS in Lublin (4.2).

Officials providing the information caution: 'The number of applications from candidates for a given field of study at a university is a result of the popularity of the field and the university, but also of formal conditions allowing candidates to apply for admission to several fields of study at one or more universities.'.

The MEiN information also shows that the most popular majors in this year's recruitment were:

I. According to the total number of candidate applications (over 8,000):

  1. Computer Science - 36,026
  2. Psychology - 35 264
  3. Management - 29 272

II. By number of candidate applications per seat (four or more applications): Nanostructure engineering: 27.8; Korean Studies: 26.6; Green Technologies: 25,1

Computer science is also the most popular major at UG: - 'Computer Science - with a total of nearly 16 candidates per place - is an absolute "hit" and an undoubted surprise of the current recruitment. Very high interest of candidates caused that the faculty offered by the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology joined the "top" of the most popular majors at UG,' - said mgr Beata Królczyk, the Recruitment Office Manager.

The CSO report shows that in recent years the number of students has been steadily decreasing (from 1841.3 thousand in the 2010/11 academic year to 1204.0 thousand in the 2019/20 academic year), while in the 2020/21 academic year there will be a slight increase to 1215.3 thousand, including 69.8% in public universities.

Information from MEiN: read here

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