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Once again, the Polish AZS Inclusive Table Tennis Championships were held in the hospitable hall of the Polish Table Tennis Association in Gdańsk. More than 90 players with disabilities from 23… czytaj więcej

Prof. Małgorzata Omilanowska-Kiljańczyk becoming a laureate of the prestigious KLIO Prize

During the XXXI Historical Book Fair in Warsaw, prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Omilanowska-Kiljańczyk received one of the most prestigious historical… read more

Experiencing life, or human well-being

Dr Dorota Godlewska-Werner from the Department of Economic and Organisational Psychology of the Institute of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences,… read more

Christmas collections and fairs - see how you can help and what you can participate in

On December 14, 2023, the University Christmas Meeting will take place. You can sell your books/paintings/crafts/products during the fair! Just… read more

Faculty of Oceanography and Geography doctoral student Kinga Hoszek second person in Poland with a CCAMLR scholarship

How harmful chemicals are transferred from the ocean to land is being researched by mgr Kinga Hoszek from the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography… read more

Is Sweden a country for everyone? On Swedish society during the second day of the 8th Nordic Focus Festival

What it means to be Swedish and how the concept of Swedishness has been historically shaped was discussed by Radio Nowy Świat journalist Jan Janczy… read more

League Saturday: join us at the games!

The next league matches of AZS University of Gdańsk athletes are ahead of us. As early as this Saturday, players of the 1st futsal league will run… read more

Publication by prof. Grzegorz Węgrzyn's team in a prestigious journal

  Correction of symptoms of Huntington's disease by genistein through FOXO3-mediated autophagy stimulation - this is the title of an article… read more

Young Scientists UG: ICCVS UG doctoral student has a chance to outsmart cancer that mainly affects children and young adults

Cancer is a complex and devious disease, constantly evolving and trying to trick our immune system. It comes in many varieties, characterised by… read more

'Ants are an evolutionary success'. UG visiting professor Vincent Perrichot talks about prehistoric insects

Over 100 million years, ants have hardly changed, and prehistoric wasps once fed mainly on plants. What else we can learn from inclusions in amber is… read more

World female champion in kettlebell lifting conducted training at the Centre for Physical Education and Sport (CWFiS) UG

  Such a situation does not happen very often. Joanna Myszewska, eight-time World Champion, three-time European Champion and holder of the Polish… read more


- Naszymi gośćmi są teraz pani profesor Monika Tomaszewska, kierownik Katedry Prawa Pracy Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego i Pan doktor…


Dobrze to pokazały badania Lucyny Kopciewicz, profesorki z Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego, która sprawdzała różnice i podobieństwa w…


- Żeby usłyszeć dźwięk, musimy się na moment zatrzymać, wyłączyć z pozostałych bodźców - mówi Izabela Dłużyk, dokumentalistka…


Jej książka zdobyła nagrodę "Klio" za najlepszą książkę historyczną poświęconą Warszawie - bohaterką Andymaterii jest…