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Anton Zeilinger
University of Gdańsk's honorary doctor of science prof. Anton Zeilinger, as well as Alain Aspect and John Clauser, have been awarded the Nobel Prize for their experiments with entangled photons,… czytaj więcej
The second edition of the inter-university Marine Data Literacy course organised by the European University of the Seas - SEA-EU partnership will be held in the academic year 2022/2023. The course is… read more
On 8-9 September 2022, the rectors of the University of Gdansk visited the SEA-EU partner university in Cadiz. They took part in a meeting of the SEA-EU consortium's Advisory Board and a bilateral… read more
We invite you to join the POLCA Summer School "POLlutions in Coastal Areas", taking place in September on the dates 5-12, 2022, organized by the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography of the… read more
Prof. Krzysztof Bielawski has taken up the post of director of a newly established unit at the University of Gdańsk - the University Centre for Applied and Interdisciplinary Research. The Rector of… read more
It is time for news from sunny Split, where the "SEA-EU Service Learning Conference - Community-engaged University" took place. The event was attended by researchers and students from SEA-EU partner… read more
We invite students, academics, administrative staff and graduates with their families to join this historic event. We will begin with a joint academic march along the Royal Route, with the… read more
The SEA-EU Virtual Language Courses is an activity based on the principle of reciprocity: On this virtual language platform, we list courses offered by each SEA-EU partner university to participants… read more
- 'John Hevelius appears as an unusual character, outstanding against the background of the epoch, but also a man of flesh and blood, experiencing ups and downs, dilemmas and raptures,' - says dr hab… read more
In May 2022 The University of Gdańsk invited researchers to participate in the Competition „Research Potential Database” SEA-EU which aim is to encourage the establishment or strengthening of… read more
On 23-27 May we hosted students from SEA-EU partner universities in Cadiz, Brest, Kiel, Split and Malta, who participated for a whole week in an intensive course "ShakEspeAre-EU". The main objective… read more

prof. Marek Żukowski

- Naukowiec nie myśli o tym, czy coś się do czegoś przyda. Jeśli tak myśli to jest inżynierem. Naukowiec bada naturę taką jaką…

machine gun

- Zdecydowanie zgadzam się z opiniami, które mówią, że kierunek południowy w tej kontrofensywie jest istotniejszy. Musimy…


Wystawa, widowisko słowno-muzyczne, pokazy filmowe, konferencja naukowa - to tylko niektóre atrakcje z bogatego programu…


- Patrząc szeroko, to bardzo dobry moment na tę konkretną nagrodę, ponieważ technologie kwantowe to jest dziedzina, która…