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The University of Cadiz, within the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) and in the framework of the reSEArch-EU project, is at the forefront of the SEA-EU Talent Initiative, with which we intend… czytaj więcej
As many as 8 A categories and 13 B+ categories - such was the excellent result of the evaluation appeal process for the University of Gdańsk. - It is with great satisfaction that I have to say that… read more
We invite you to read the latest January issue of the University Gazette. In it, you will find several articles describing numerous charity events that took place over the Christmas period or are… read more
Ahead of the winter exam session, we asked University of Gdańsk students if they had heard of academic superstitions. Both newcomers and experienced students shared their insights. The poll was… read more
The completion of the project's first phase and preparations for SEA-EU 2.0 are a period of intensive meetings of SEA-EU partner universities not only for administrative and scientific staff but also… read more
Students of the practical pathway of the first year of Film and Audiovisual Culture Knowledge at the Faculty of Philology of the UG participated in script consultations with Wojciech Smarzowski, one… read more
From November 9th until November 11th, 2022, the representatives of the University of Gdańsk visited the coordinator of the SEA-EU alliance – the University of Cadiz. The delegation attended the "… read more
Establishing permanent research and didactic cooperation between the University of Gdańsk and the IT Technical Secondary School in Puck opens up a new field of activity: it allows students to use the… read more
The further development of cooperation between the units of the University of Gdańsk and Romanian universities and the international exchange of students and researchers were the main topics of the… read more
Bringing together the worlds of employers, academics, employees, and civil servants is the mission of the European Labour Mobility Institute (ELMI) association, which is starting to cooperate with… read more
The European University of the Seas (SEA-EU), within the ReSEArch-EU project, invites you to the next webinar for young researchers as part of the Spin-Off Competence Lab - a virtual training program… read more


Z pomorskich ciekawostek na licytacji znalazły się też lekcja dyrygowania, rejs statkiem naukowo-badawczym Uniwersytetu…

Prof. Jacek Zaucha oraz prof. Ryszard Smoleński zostali laureatami Nagród Naukowych Miasta Gdańska im. Jana Heweliusza. Uroczystość wręczenia odbyła się 28 stycznia – w rocznicę urodzin patrona wyróżnień.

Prof. Jacek Zaucha oraz prof. Ryszard Smoleński zostali laureatami Nagród Naukowych Miasta Gdańska im. Jana Heweliusza.…


Dr hab. Izabela Kępka, prof. UG: Odpowiedź na pytanie: "czy feminatywy są potrzebne?" może być tylko twierdząca.


Klaudia Kryszewska ma 23 lata i pochodzi z Kalisk w gminie Kartuzy. Jest absolwentką Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego na kierunku praca…