UG in Poland's Best Employers 2022 Forbes ranking

The University of Gdańsk was ranked 6th in the Forbes Poland's Best Employers 2022 ranking, in the 'education and research' category, and 103rd on the general list of the top 300 Polish employers. The companies which best 'passed the exam' in adapting to the post-modern changes which occurred in the market and therefore can use the title of Poland's Best Employers 2022, were decided by their employees. The substantive partner of the project was the Statista company - co-creator of the most famous rankings of 'Best Employers' in the world.

The latest ranking of Forbes, an economic monthly addressed to, among others, middle- and high-level managers, businessmen and investors, is a list of 300 best Polish employers, presenting companies operating in Poland, the best of the best, which 'should be - and even have to be - watched and followed, because they have implemented solutions which are good for employees and are also evaluated by them,' reads the Forbes website.

A total of 1800 companies took part in the survey, 300 of them qualified for the top and entered the final ranking list.

The University of Gdańsk was ranked 103rd in the general ranking of 300 Best Polish Employers and 6th in the sector ranking 'education and research'. (71.18 points). The winner in this category was Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (47th place in the general classification, 74.13 points).

The ranking of Poland's Best Employers 2022 by Forbes was created on the same basis as similar ones in Western Europe or the American Forbes. Employers were surveyed by Statista, the co-creator of the best known 'Best Employers' rankings in the world.

The basis of the survey was a list of about 1800 employers with at least 250 employees in Poland. Over 20 thousand employees took part in the survey. Respondents were asked to express their opinion on several dozen statements describing their employer's activities in seven main areas:

  • Image and growth
  • Development and outlook
  • Employee relations and management
  • Salary
  • Working conditions and equipment
  • Sustainability
  • Workload

The survey ran from September to October 2021.

For more information, see the Forbes magazine website

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