We invite you to read the latest March issue of the University Gazette.

In it, you will find an account of the SEA-EU 2.0 summit in Cadiz, an article about the day-care centre for Ukrainian children at the Faculty of Chemistry and the 'Children of Heroes' Summer School, a text about the art of creative writing - a new field of study at UG, an article about the Technology Transfer Centre and the 'Universities open to innovation' conference, interviews with prof. Beata Możejko, prof. Joanna N. Izdebska and dr. Piotr Kowzan, war memories of Ms Ania, an article about the celebration of the Chinese New Year at the University of Gdańsk, an account of the debut performance of the University of Gdańsk Academic Orchestra at the 9th Metropolitan New Year's Meeting, an article on the behind-the-scenes creation of a film about the UG Library collection, a review of events in the life of the university, sports information and another crossword puzzle.

The issue is available at: and soon on racks located in the university buildings.



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