Poland vs. USA Variuos aspects of a historian's work

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The Scientific Circle of Historians at the University of Gdańsk

The Scientific Circle of Historians at the University of Gdańsk: we would like to invite you to a meeting, during which we will discuss the differences and similarities regarding all aspects of studying and scientific research in the field of historical sciences in the U.S. and in Poland.

Our speakers:

- Professor John Dunn (Valdosta State University), who is currently visiting the University of Gdańsk, a specialist in military history of the early modern period, among others.
- Professor Beata Możejko (University of Gdańsk), a medievalist and an expert in Gdańsk history
- Professor Anna Mazurkiewicz (University of Gdańsk), who devoted her work mainly to the Polish - American relations post-WWII, especially to the migration issues

Mgr Kinga Alina Langowska will be the Chair of the meeting. Mgr Langowska is a graduate student at the Doctoral School of Humanities and Social Sciences (UG), supervised by Professor Mazurkiewicz, and a Fulbright Junior Research Award recipient, specializing in political migrations to the United States in the Cold War period.

Issues of studying history, study programs and various ways of teaching will be discussed. The invited professors will talk about different scientific career paths, research methodology, scientific workshop, financing of research, access to literature, professional magazines and sources and their interpretations and analyses.
We would also like to talk about how the “Master-Student’s” relationship looks like, as well as discuss the issue of popularizing history in the Polish and American society.

The online event will take place on the MSTeams platform, and it will be broadcast on the Scientific Circle of UG Historian’s Facebook page.


WARNING: The conversation will be in English!