Next BACKSTAGE theatre meeting

The Brikolaż Theatrology Research Club would like to invite you on 12.04.2021 at 18.30 for the next part of the series BACKSTAGE. This time we will meet Mirosław Niebodajew and Monika Bieszke from the Technical Department of Musical Theatre in Gdynia.

The organizers invite the guests to talk about the process of working on a musical from the perspective of the technical team and about the production of the show. They will ask about the most unusual props, unforeseen situations during a theatrical evening, and the differences between working in a musical theatre and a drama theatre. You will also be able to find out how long it takes to prepare for the premiere and which performance required the most work.

Mirosław Niebodajew: Head of the Technical Department of the Musical Theatre in Gdynia, with which he has been connected for over 30 years. The guts of the technical machine have no secrets from him - he has worked as an editor, foreman, then master and stage manager. He coordinates the production and technical setting of each Gdynia musical.

Monika Bieszke - producer of the Musical Theatre in Gdynia, a long-term employee of the Technical Department. Her occupation and passion are planning unusual scenic solutions and... shopping. She makes sure that every directorial concept is brought to life on the stage.

In the second part of the meeting, there will be questions from the audience. They will be led by: Sylwia Firańska (second-year student of Journalism and Social Communication) and Kamil Grabarczyk (third-year student of Theatre Knowledge).

The meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams. April 12 (Monday) at 18.30.

Below is the link to the event:

dr Marta Cebera/E.Cichocka/Press Office of University of Gdańsk