Open Day - summary

Almost two hours of presentations of the University of Gdańsk, faculties, scientific clubs, student life, educational offer, etc. Almost 1,000 people watched the live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube, several hundred questions - mainly about recruitment. And several dozen people involved in the event - that is the shortest summary of yesterday's Open Day at the University of Gdańsk.

The online broadcast started punctually at 4 p.m. with a short invitation addressed to the audience by Rector prof. dr hab. Piotr Stepnowski.

For two hours the whole event was hosted live from a TV studio prepared especially for the occasion by dr hab. Arnold Kłonczyński, prof. UG. He announced subsequent films and presentations, talked about education at UG and student life, and tried to answer questions posted on the Facebook chat on a regular basis. At the same time, employees of the Recruitment Office answered participants in the chat. The Student Government Council of the UG Faculty of Law and Administration was also involved in helping.

Candidates could learn during a short lecture by dr Wojciech Glac 'How does the brain guide your choice?'. The indispensable requirements for high school graduates were briefly presented by Ms Irena Laguna - Director of the Regional Examination Commission in Gdańsk.

Students from the Chemistry Study Club, Balkanika Study Group, Student Parliament, ALTERNATOR Academic Cultural Centre and the Academic Sports Association encouraged students to study at UG and get involved in student life.

General information on recruitment was presented by Gracjana Karulska and Aneta Czepułkowska from the Recruitment Office, while Magdalena Bednarek and Joanna Szymańska from the Erasmus Office talked about ERASMUS+ mobility.

'Studying also means shaping one's future - how to take care of one's career during studies to confidently enter the job market,' said Aleksandra Stenke, Head of the Career Office of the University of Gdańsk.

Thematic blocks were also intertwined with films - apart from the latest UG promotional film, there was (at the end) a film in which our graduate Sabina Lawrów, who runs the blog 'Sama Przez Świat' (Alone Through the World), showed Gdańsk as she loves and misses it when she travels.

The departments were presented in short, funny films by UG students: Stanisław Pawłowski (WNS) and Paweł Turowski (WOiG). The films were prepared by Ziemowit Turowski - cameraman, X LO Gdańsk.

The Open Day was prepared by the Promotion Team under the direction of Monika Zdroik and the UG Centre for Film and Documentary Production, where the whole recording was supervised by the directors Wojciech Głodek and Dorota Hebel.

The event was recorded and can be viewed:

On Facebook:

on YouTube:

On the UG Open Days website, you will soon be able to find answers to the questions asked during the chat.

Additionally, Radio Mors will broadcast a programme about recruitment on 28.04 at 18.00. Radio available:


MNG / Press Office of University of Gdańsk