Children can become students too! Welcome to the Children's University.

The University of Gdańsk pursues the idea of lifelong learning. We are the patron of the Children's University - a place where curiosity and fascination with the world of science are satisfied from an early age.

We invite children and young people aged 6-16 to study remotely - Children's University at Home. It is an innovative program of studying in a safe, home environment, all over Poland.

Younger Students (6-11 years old) receive 3 educational boxes: NOSE, HEN, MAGNET full of experiences and experiments. Each of them consists of 5 workshops that combine science, natural science and art. The methodology of the classes is based on the well-proven Method of Questions and Experiments. Children can carry out the activities on their own, with the help of films and voice instructions and during online meetings with scientists - the authors of the workshops.

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The teen studies (12-16 years) are inspired by real seminars at university. The teenager chooses two specialisations, which he/she explores in depth under the guidance of mentors. He or she also attends online lectures in a variety of fields to encourage him or her to search for his or her own passions. In the 2021/22 academic year, students can choose specialisations such as Genetics, Forensic Science, Marketing and PR, Dietetics or Music Production.

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Want to find out what studying at the Children's University is like?

Open lectures with scientists are ongoing. This is an opportunity to ask questions to experts in fields such as astronomy, neuroscience, nature, astrobiology or media. Details and links to sign up can be found on the website.

You can view meetings that have already taken place on the Children's University Facebook page.

We encourage you to study at Children's University! Putting your innate curiosity at the helm of the learning process is the best way to gain knowledge and benefit from it.

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