Prof. Marcin Szulc honoured for the support given during the pandemic to teachers, students and parents

The title of Friend of the School was awarded to dr Marcin Szulc, prof. UG from the Institute of Psychology, University of Gdańsk. The distinction was awarded by the management of the General Secondary School Complex No. 2 in Gdańsk. - 'I have been cooperating with this school, which impressed me with its modern management style, for years. To paraphrase a train from the "Thomas & Friends" animated series, I am happy to be a "useful locomotive", it gives me wings to act and is a source of joy at work,' - says prof. Marcin Szulc.

The title of Friend of the School was awarded to prof. Marcin Szulc for the support, favour and cordiality given during the pandemic to teachers, students and parents of the General Education School Complex no. 2 in Gdańsk.

- 'We all now find ourselves in an extremely difficult situation whose consequences for mental health, as prognoses show, will be visible long after the end of the pandemic and the associated sanitary restrictions,' - says prof. M. Szulc. - 'At the beginning of October last year, I was invited by the headmistress of the school, Marzena Majerowska, to conduct a series of educational meetings for teachers, but also for parents of younger children and teenagers. It was devoted to how to support children during a pandemic. I also met with young people, for whom I prepared a lecture entitled: "Psychological determinants of health, or a few words about what to do so that it does not sweep us off the board", largely based on memes, to attract the attention of a demanding audience. The lecture was very warmly received by the youth and triggered a much-needed discussion. Pedagogue Ms Marta Koc, who was extremely committed to the students, played a very important role in determining the topic.'.

Prof. Marcin Szulc, who works at the Department of Personality and Forensic Psychology of the WNS UG, has been cooperating with various schools in Poland for years, sharing his knowledge, mainly in the field of social threats and their prevention. During educational meetings, he talks about optimal styles of working with students and the ability to build relationships, which, as he stresses, is an important protective factor in the face of many threats. As he points out, psychology is a science about people, close to people and for people.

- 'I never expect awards for my actions for the benefit of others, so it was all the more of a surprise to me when I learned about the title awarded to me by the Headmistress. This award is gratitude coming from the heart. I received a lot of positive feedback about my involvement and the useful knowledge I passed on to my listeners, which makes me very happy,' adds prof. Marcin Szulc.

Elżbieta Michalak-Witkowska/Press Office of University of Gdańsk