Recruitment for full-time undergraduate studies at UG - summary

Computer Science, Criminology, English Philology and Psychology - these are the four most popular full-time first degree and master's degree majors chosen by candidates at the University of Gdańsk in the recruitment process for the academic year 2021/2022. The University has planned to admit nearly 12 thousand people this year.

The July recruitment process for full-time undergraduate studies at the University of Gdańsk is coming to an end: Cultural Communication at the Faculty of Philology (registration lasts until September 9), Kashubian Ethnophilology (where registration lasts until September 14) and a significant number of courses run at second degree (Master's) level.

We are pleased to see such great interest in the offer of studies at the University of Gdańsk. Nearly 30 thousand candidates applied or are still applying for admission to the academic year 2021/2022.

IT - this year's recruitment number one hit

- 'Computer Science - with the number of nearly 16 candidates per place - is an absolute "hit" and undoubted surprise of the current recruitment process. Very high interest among candidates caused that the faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology joined the top of the most popular majors at UG,' - informs Beata Królczyk.

The 20 most popular majors at UG

The most popular courses at UG in the July recruitment process for the academic year 2021/2022 at full-time studies of the first degree (bachelor) and uniform master's degree are Computer Science (general academic profile) - 15.44 candidates per place, Criminology - 14.20 candidates per place, English Philology - 12.43 candidates per place, Psychology - 11.02 candidates per place, Scandinavian Studies - 8.97 candidates per place.

Other majors: Management of artistic institutions managerial - 8.44, Production of audiovisual forms - 8.20, Sinology - 7.69, Knowledge of film and audiovisual culture - 7.52. The list of applicants for the following courses will be announced on July 27: Journalism and Social Communication - 7.15, Genetics and Experimental Biology - 6.85, National Security - 6.53, American Studies - 6.40, Law - 6.36, Cultural Communication (5.56 candidates per one place - registration for this course is still open until September 9), Finance and Accounting - 5.45 candidates per one place, Diplomacy - 5.24, Management - 5.06, Biotechnology - 4.93 (the list of accepted candidates will be announced on July 27).

Subsequent admission lists will be announced according to the schedule, as recruitment for full-time studies and part-time studies is still ongoing. More information about recruitment on the Recruitment Office website

New recruitment offers

This year the University of Gdańsk offers several recruitment novelties, among others: Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (MISHiS) - full-time first degree studies, Production of audiovisual forms - part-time first-degree studies, Quantum Information Technology - full-time second degree studies conducted in English and Cultural Communication - full-time second degree studies conducted in English.

The offer of studies in English has also been expanded by specialities at the Faculty of Management: Business Informatics in the field of Computer Science and Econometrics - full-time studies conducted in English as a second language, and Management - full-time studies conducted in English as a second language.

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