Prof. Anna Machnikowska Chair of the Scientific Policy Committee

Dr hab. Anna Machnikowska, prof. UG has been elected Chair of the Science Policy Committee. The Professor thus continues the work she started after her appointment to the Committee in 2020.

The Committee for Scientific Policy is an auxiliary body of the Minister in the area of state scientific policy. The Committee evaluates the implementation of the state's scientific policy and gives its opinion on documents presented by the Minister. The KPN consists of 12 members, appointed by the Minister.

prof. Anna Machnikowska

- 'The Committee's work in the coming months will focus on updating the analysis of those issues that are or may become responsible for the greatest dynamics of scientific research development. It is also necessary to provide them with comprehensive, interdisciplinary support, as well as to ensure "friendly" legislation taking into account the specificity of scientific research, as well as mechanisms of measurable financing of stable existence of key elements of social and technical infrastructure,' - 'Effective communication and exchange of experience between the entities involved in these activities is equally important. I hope that the experience gained on a national scale will also be helpful to the University of Gdańsk and the Fahrenheit Universities.' - said prof. Anna Machnikowska.

Dr hab. Anna Machnikowska, prof. UG was appointed to the KPN on November 23, 2021.


MNG/Press Office of University of Gdańsk