Night of Biologists 2022 (Friday 14.I.2022)

UG's Faculty of Biology, The Gdańsk Zoological Garden and The Gdynia Aquarium invite you to the Night of Biologists i.e. lectures, workshops, and shows presenting modern biology.

"Biodiversity: from gene to ecosystem" is the theme of this year's Night. It fully reflects the nature of biology - DIVERSITY! The theme also characterizes not only biological organisms but also biological sciences.

The Night of Biologists is happening all across Poland. The event will be held on Friday, JANUARY 14 2022. On this day, between 15:00 and 19:00, the Faculty of Biology will host many shows, workshops and games prepared by students, doctorate students and employees of the Faculty. Night of Biologist will be in the Polish, but don’t worry - our biologists speak English and are more than happy to explain their studies and experiments.

Employees of the Gdańsk Zoological Garden invite you to a night-time walk around the zoo at 17.00, while in Gdynia, from 18.00 employees of the Gdynia Aquarium will be waiting, ready to solve the mystery of the missing seahorse. (These events need booking and will be in Polish). Additionally,  lectures and some workshops will be presented online - from 9:00 to 14:30, and after 19:30.

Find full programme of UG event here:

Detailed program of the Night of Biologists, as well as a registration and booking form is available at

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