Students for Ukraine - collection at WNS

The Faculty of Social Sciences is collecting things needed by refugees from Ukraine. Instantly, because just a day after Russia attacked Ukraine, it was organised by students of the University of Gdańsk as part of the #StudenciDlaUkraina #СтудентиДляУкраїни campaign.

'As students of the University of Gdańsk we want to show our solidarity with our neighbours from across the eastern border and offer real support - not only verbal - they write on the action's FB page.'. - 'We therefore invite you to join the collection of the most necessary things that will be useful to Ukrainians in this difficult and unfair situation.'.
'The whole initiative was born spontaneously during a conversation on the situation in Ukraine. We concluded (in the group of students of master's degree in political science at WNS UG), that we do not want to passively look at such a terrible situation and we will do our best to at least a little bit support people who are going through such a difficult time,' - said Marcelina Wilczewska, co-organizer of the collection. - 'We are in the process of establishing contacts with public and local government institutions specialising in refugees and aid. We are collecting these items because after a joint discussion and talks with people who are familiar with the situation in Ukraine, we concluded that they will be the most needed. We have information indicating that items necessary for children and women will be particularly important.'.
Items and food will be donated to local government and public institutions, which will distribute them to those in need. Among them are: Gdańsk Foundation, Caritas, Gaudium Vitae, Polish Red Cross and Droga Foundation.
The event website has a list of items needed, which is updated regularly.
Student volunteers sort, count, pack and transport to the above-mentioned institutions donations brought not only by members of the University of Gdańsk academic community, but also by the inhabitants of Gdańsk.
Donations can be brought to the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Gdańsk (ul. Jana Bażyńskiego 4, Gdańsk, main hall) every day until further notice during the opening hours of the building (9:00-20:00).
List and information - click here
MNG, MJ / Press Office UG