Official opening of Quantum Cybersecurity Hub Europe Foundation

Preparing the industry in the field of standard and quantum cyber security is the main objective of the project presented last Saturday by the Quantum Cybersecurity Hub Europe Foundation, which cooperates with the Technology Transfer Centre.

- Today we stand here and can all proudly present our idea that became reality. We are all looking forward to the next steps, the opportunities to work with great companies in projects, to create awareness among people in the field of cybersecurity. Than Quantum is the future, the future start today - says Sebastian Zimnol, President of the QCHE Foundation.

The newly established company is part of the University of Gdańsk's activities in the field of quantum technologies. The University's first initiative was the establishment in 2018 of the International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies (ICTQT). This was followed in early 2022 by the signing of a cooperation agreement between the UG Technology Transfer Centre and the Quantum Cybersecurity Hub Europe, which includes joint research and implementation work. In March 2022, another activity involving issues from the area of quantum technologies is the creation of a spin-off company. All this adds up to building - within - UG a coherent ecosystem in the field of widely understood quantum security.

The above initiatives are connected by one person - dr hab. Marcin Pawłowski, who is the head of the Quantum Cyber Security Team at the International Centre for Quantum Technology Theory, a scientific mentor on the Board of Directors of Quantum Cybersecurity Hub Europe and one of the partners of the newly established entity.

'Researchers from the University of Gdańsk have been among the world's leading experts in quantum computing for many years and over the decades have gained extensive knowledge and experience in this field,' - says dr hab. Marcin Pawłowski. - 'I hope that together with my partners we will be able to turn these resources into a package of solutions for quantum cyber security. This is an industry that is just starting to emerge and our unique expertise gives us a chance to stay ahead of the competition and bag a good position in the market.'

High hopes are also placed in the new company by the president of Univentum Labs - dr hab. Wojciech Bizon, prof. UG. - 'Declarations and plans are very ambitious and I believe that the management board and partners will manage to fulfil them. As a special purpose vehicle of the UG, we are glad that we are broadening the spectrum of our operations, and apart from entities from the life science industry, the first company specialising in something completely different has been established.'

Quantum Cybersecurity Group sp. z o.o. - is the first company cooperating with Univentum Labs which also has foreign shareholders. Among them is Oliver Weimann - who has extensive international experience in the commercialisation of technological solutions. He also serves as a board member of the ruhr:HUB - an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia and the cities of the Ruhr Area, which aims to promote digitalisation in the region and connect mature companies with young, innovative start-ups. The involvement of German partners should foster an easier entry into foreign markets with the developed solutions. 

(from left): dr hab. Marcin Pawłowski, Vice President of the QCHE Foundation and Sebastian Zimnol, President of the QCHE Foundation. Photo by Fabian Doetsch

(from left): dr hab. Marcin Pawłowski, Vice President of the QCHE Foundation and Sebastian Zimnol, President of the QCHE Foundation. Photo by Fabian Doetsch

MJ / Press Office UG