Cycling to the university - our joint daily contribution to health and environmental protection

The 'Cycling to the University' campaign is aimed at employees of the University of Gdańsk who care about the environment and are willing to change their transport habits. By participating in our campaign, which is organised jointly with the Gdańsk University of Technology, as part of the Fahrenheit University cooperation, you can get not only in better shape and improve your well-being, but also win attractive gifts.

There are plenty of excuses to commute comfortably by car. However, it is worth mobilising yourself and switching to more ecological forms of transport. This will not only save money in the household budget but also care for the environment. 

UG employees who will travel to or from work between May 4 and September 30: 50 times - will receive a commemorative buff, with 100 trips - a practical hip pouch, while those who make 200 or more trips will receive a set: a toolbox and a torch, which may come in handy during longer cycling escapades. In addition, the three most persistent participants in our action will be rewarded with gift cards.

How does registration work? Just go to and fill in the registration form:

  • place of residence
  • estimated distance from home to work
  • means of transport (to choose: bicycle, scooter, electric bicycle, electric scooter)
  • whether the journey is combined with another means of transport (train, bus, tram).

Participants are asked to record their journeys by bicycle or scooter on the campaign website within two days of commuting to/from work. If someone is not able to travel the entire home-to-work distance, no problem: they can make part of the journey using public transport or choose to use an electric bicycle/scooter. These journeys also count in this campaign.

The campaign will run from May 4 to September 30, 2022.

We invite all university employees to register.


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