Prof. UG Michał Harciarek Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences UG

Today (11.05.2022) the Rector, prof. dr hab. Piotr Stepnowski presented the nomination for the position of Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences to dr hab. Michał Harciarek, prof. UG. 

Prof. UG Michal Harciarek, who heads the Department of Neuropsychology at WNS UG, was nominated by the electors from the Faculty of Social Sciences in the election on May 9 this year.

The nomination for the position of Dean was made by Rector prof. Piotr Stepnowski, who said: - 'I trust and believe that you are a guarantor of the development of WNS, and your scientific achievements and experience will allow you to manage in a balanced way a faculty in which, let me remind you, there are 7 disciplines.'

'This is a gigantic commitment and I will do everything to ensure that the Faculty develops successfully. Thank you for your trust,' - said Dean prof. Michał Harciarek.

Prof. UG Michal Harciarek is also the Chairman of the Psychology Committee of PAN.

The new Dean replaced dr hab. Tadeusz Dmochowski, prof. UG, who passed away in March this year, and who had held the position since 2016. 

We wrote about the research led by prof. UG Michał Harciarek in March. It is an NCN project entitled Does the Sars-Cov2 coronavirus primarily impair the functioning of the right cerebral hemisphere and the frontal attention system? Prospective study of neuropsychological and neurophysiological consequences of COVID-19. 

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Photo by Alan Stocki/UG

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