On June 1st the Internet Recruitment of Candidates was launched. Candidates will have a difficult choice to make as the University of Gdańsk offers 89 majors in full-time and part-time studies as well as uniform master's studies. 

'Recruitment will be conducted using the IRK system (Internet Recruitment of Candidates), which we launched today at 9:00 am,' - says mgr Beata Królczyk, Head of University Recruitment Office. - 'From that time on, all candidates, regardless of the year in which they passed the Matura exam, will be able to register. The enrolment itself is connected with the necessity of entering the results, which are the qualification criteria for a given faculty. This means that this year's secondary school graduates will be able to enrol for a particular major only after receiving their matriculation certificates,' - she adds.

As in previous years, the University of Gdańsk has prepared a total of 11.5 thousand places - 9 thousand for full-time studies and 2.5 thousand places for part-time studies.

2022/2023 recruitment deadlines and criteria

Eligibility criteria are set individually for each major - no common recruitment rules apply across the University. However, in accordance with the resolution of the Senate of the University of Gdańsk of May 2021, the admission of candidates to the first year of first-cycle studies and long-cycle studies is based on the results of the recruitment procedure, which includes: matriculation certificate competition, entrance exam/speech test or both forms at the same time. The results obtained in the written part of the exam are taken into account in the case of the new secondary school leaving certificate, whereas in the case of the new secondary school leaving certificate 2002 - the external part of the exam.

Recruitment deadlines are available on the UG Recruitment website and in the cards of particular majors. It is important for the candidates to bear in mind that the application deadlines are different for each course and to check the dates early enough.

All information about recruitment deadlines can be found on the UG website. Additionally, information about the recruitment rules is provided by the UG Recruitment Office (ul. Bażyńskiego 8, rooms 228 and 229, 80-309 Gdańsk, phone: (0-58) 52 32 326, 52 32 328, 52 32 332, 52 32 312, 52 32 532, e-mail:

UG offer. What's new?

The offer of the University of Gdańsk for the academic year 2022/2023 includes 89 majors on full-time and part-time studies of the first and second degree and uniform master's studies. The University also offers PhD education and the opportunity to improve professional qualifications during postgraduate studies.

From the new academic year, there will be a few novelties.

'We have planned to extend our offer with new majors in English. These will be two new specialisations on full-time, second-cycle studies: Digital Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry and Logistics and Mobility at the Faculty of Economics,' - says mgr Beata Królczyk. - 'Additionally, this year those interested in the spatial management major will be able to choose whether they would prefer to study at Bachelor's or Engineer's level. So far, the University of Gdańsk has offered two majors where you can get an engineering degree: Chemical Business and Marine Hydrography. Starting this year, engineering studies will also be available at the Spatial Management major.'

Elżbieta Michalak-Witkowska/Press Office UG