Appeal by the Rector of UG and Trade Unions to the Minister of Education and Science on salary increases for university employees

The Rector, prof. Piotr Stepnowski, met today (Wednesday 13.07.2022) with representatives of the Trade Unions operating at the University of Gdańsk: NSZZ Solidarność, ZNP and OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza, to work out a joint position on raises for the lowest-paid employees of our university - administrative staff, maintenance staff and young academics. A joint appeal on this issue was signed to the Minister of Education and Science, prof. Przemysław Czarnek.

'We know what the situation in the country is like - inflation is going up and the prices of all commodities are also soaring. We are hearing about planned 300% increases in electricity prices. Meanwhile, the salaries of our university employees remain unchanged, and we have no way of increasing salaries without a subsidy from the ministry. We also know that the announced pay rises will not adequately balance salaries. Hence the decision to appeal to the minister,' - says Rector prof. Piotr Stepnowski.



Gdańsk, 13 July 2022


Dear Sir

prof. Przemysław Czarnek

Minister of Education and Science



Dear Minister,

it is with growing concern that we observe the deteriorating financial situation of university employees, including those at the University of Gdańsk, resulting from soaring inflation. 

The academic community is awaiting the salary increase announced by your Minister of Education and Science. However, we can already state with certainty that the announced 4.4 % salary indexation will not be sufficient, as it is to apply to all employees, without special consideration for those whose salaries often approach the level of the lowest national salary. This includes academic staff who are at the beginning of their careers and non-teaching staff (administrative and support staff).

The latter group, in particular, finds itself in an extremely difficult financial situation with limited opportunities to seek other sources of funding in the professional area. These employees are not eligible for grants, teaching overtime and other forms of funding to the same extent as academic staff. On the other hand, just like the rest of the members of the academic community of our university, they face price rises for food, electricity, gas and other products necessary for a dignified life.

The authorities of the University of Gdańsk endeavour to provide various forms of support available to non-teaching staff - i.e. free-of-charge qualification upgrading, e.g. through English language courses during working hours, participation in training and additional training courses in Poland and abroad. Such are also extended packages of basic medical examinations within the framework of the medical clinic with which we cooperate. All these are costs that are also partly borne by the University of Gdańsk, which it would not be able to pay to employees in the form of a cash allowance.

The rector's authorities, in consultation with the trade unions operating at the university, whenever the university receives additional funds for increases, redistribute them to all employee groups at the university, without leaving out any of them. Everyone is equally important for the proper functioning of the university and everyone is involved in the development of the university and projects such as the large logistical centre related to the coordination of aid to struggling Ukraine located at our university.

Today we understand the needs and the growing concern of the university staff.

Mr Minister, in appreciation of all your efforts to adequately fund the scientific and teaching activities of universities, we strongly urge you to make efforts to obtain additional funds for raises that also cover non-teaching staff - in an amount that will allow them to look to the future without fear.


With best regards


Rector of the University of Gdansk prof. dr hab. Piotr Stepnowski

Polish Teachers' Union prof. dr hab. Zdzisław Kordel

Solidarity Trade Union (NSZZ "Solidarność") dr hab. Franciszek Makurat, prof. UG

OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza dr hab. Marcin Boryczko, Prof. UG

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