Beauty of the Baltic in Focus. Take part in UG Photography Competition

Fot. Przemysław Kulawczuk

The Photography Competition organized by the University of Gdańsk is held under the Baltic Heritage Routes. Development of Heritage Tourism Infrastructure in the South Baltic Area Project within the framework of Interreg South Baltic Program. The submitted photographs may enter 8 distinctive categories and must be sent by the end of September 2020.

- If you own photographs that capture charm of a Baltic beach, beauty of a Pomeranian forest or monument, don’t hesitate and send your submission – says Professor Przemysław Kulawczuk from the University of Gdańsk, the Project’s Leader – Under 8 categories we expect photos which show both natural and cultural beauty. We hope to exhibit beautiful photographs during the concluding conference, whose authors will receive material, photography-related prizes.

You can take part in the competition under 8 categories:

  1. BALTIC DISCOVERIES – the category encompasses photos showing individual discoveries observed or experienced in the Baltic Sea Region. Discoveries may relate to any topic that shows their underlying emotions, like amazement, astonishment, fun and novelty.
  2. SPECTACULAR VIEWS – the category encompasses photos showing the most spectacular views observed and registered in the Baltic Sea Region. Photographs may relate to the beauty of a landscape, water and land areas, geological formations and any other elements of nature and people, which amaze viewers with their majesty and beauty.
  3. PEOPLE OF THE BALTIC SEA. The category encompasses photographs showing inhabitants of Baltic Sea Region, in particular the way of engaging in their occupation, passions, presenting teamwork, team achievements, emotions and soul.
  4. TRACES OF HISTORY AND BELIEFS – photos showing how inhabitants of the region celebrate and value the past, how can it enrich our lives; how important are old beliefs and religions for inhabitants of the South Baltic and how those elements shape our everyday reality.
  5. ROMANTIC BALTIC – love is always associated with the seashore sunset or sunrise, people’s emotions may be expressed as natural beauty and geological formations. Photos submitted to this category should show nature, people, sea or terrain in various romantic circumstances.
  6. ACTIVITY AND ADVENTURES – windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing, sailing, biking, swimming, walks, rock climbing… Those are only examples of how people actively spend time in the Baltic Sea Region. Photos under this category should show passions, activities, achievements, joy coming from outdoor activities.
  7. WILD NATURE AND FAUNA – nature, animals, plants, their natural habitat at the Baltic Sea Region may be the subjects of the photos submitted to this category. We expect photographs showing animal activity and plant life during various seasons.
  8. THE GRIFFIN TRAIL – traces of one of the longest ruling dynasties in Europe – The Griffin Dynasty, which are still present in the cultural landscape of Pomerania and Scandinavia, like Baltic castles and ducal strongholds. Photographs may show those places in the context of present times and their significance to current inhabitants and tourists.

Three best authors in each category will receive material prizes. Additionally, the organizers plan to open photo exhibition, presenting the best submitted photographs.

To participate in the competition, visit: Submission must be sent by the end of September 2020.


Translation: Adam Myzyk

Press Office of University of Gdańsk