Still considering university? Recruitment is still underway for these courses


Recruitment at the University of Gdańsk will mostly continue until mid-September. So if you are still confronted with the choice of studies, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with our offer. A detailed recruitment schedule is available on the UG website.

'During the enrolment process for Bachelor's and Master's degrees for the 2022/2023 academic year at UG, the most popular major was Psychology - over 1.8 thousand candidates chose it. Right after it, the most popular courses were: Management (over 1.3 thousand applicants), Law (over 1.2 thousand applicants), Economics (over 1.1 thousand applicants),' - says Beata Królczyk, Head of the UG Recruitment Office. - 'On the other hand, the highest number of people per place applied for admission to Criminology (almost 13 people), Computer Science - general academic profile (almost 12 people) and Psychology (10 people).'

Recruitment is still ongoing. Therefore, all those who wish to start their studies still this year, please register on the Internet Recruitment of Candidates (IRK) system.

Enrolment has already begun for full-time first-cycle studies, for which the limit of places was not exhausted in the first intake. Recruitment is also underway for part-time studies and second-cycle studies.

The list of courses for which it is still possible to enrol can be found on the Recruitment page under the 'Deadlines' tab and is updated on an ongoing basis. Available courses for which the limit of places has not been reached are marked with the note 'Additional recruitment'.

Detailed information on the recruitment rules can be found in the individual course cards under the tab 'Courses of study' on the Recruitment page.

Candidates who have any doubts concerning the recruitment process can contact the Recruitment Office of the University of Gdańsk: ul. Bażyńskiego 8, 80-309 Gdańsk - Rector's Office Building, 2nd floor, rooms 228 and 229

phone: (58) 523 23 26, 523 23 28, 523 23 32, 523 25 32



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