Convention of the National Representation of Doctoral Students at the University of Gdańsk

Statute changes and the internationalisation of science were the main topics of the congress of the National Representation of Doctoral Students for the first time organised jointly by Fahrenheit Universities. 

The proceedings, held in the Main Library from September 16 to 18 this year, were listened to by the Vice-Rector for Students and Quality of Education, dr hab. Arnold Kłonczyński, prof. UG. In opening the event, he drew attention to the seaside aura, which may have a positive impact on the results of the proceedings, but will also allow the congress participants to relax for a while.

The Vice-Rector, prof. UG Arnold Kłonczyński, also took the floor in a panel on the internationalisation of science. He emphasised the University of Gdańsk's efforts to expand cooperation with foreign universities. He drew attention to the difficulty in assessing how to quantify internationalisation, whether its indicator is the number of foreign trips by doctoral students, students and staff, foreign publications or perhaps foreigners studying at the unit? The panel also heard from Piotr Serafin of the National Academic Exchange Agency, who talked about how to apply for scholarships offered by the agency. Prof. dr hab. Robert Jankowski, Deputy Director of the Doctoral School at the Gdańsk University of Technology for Development and Internationalisation, talked about the Gdańsk University of Technology's experience in educating doctoral students.

The congress was jointly organised by the universities affiliated with the Daniel Fahrenheit Association of Universities in Gdańsk.

'This demonstrates the progressive integration of the environments of the three universities and the high position of the University of Gdańsk in the minds of doctoral students,' - notes Sebastian Barczak, Chairman of the Doctoral Council of the University of Gdańsk and a member of the Convention Presidium.

Fot. Łukasz Bień