Book for Christmas - proposals from the University of Gdańsk Publishing House

Christmas is approaching and Christmas songs, decorations, and gingerbread have already found their way into many homes. An integral part of tradition are also gifts, which we find under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. If you have forgotten about a present or have no idea what to give in the midst of pre-Christmas preparations, the University of Gdańsk Publishing House has prepared a special offer.

On the shelves of the virtual bookstore or the bookstore at the Faculty of Social Sciences, we can find, among others:

- 'Hans Memling Set', which consists of three items: Anatomy Lessons with Hans Memling, Hans Memling's Last Judgment, and the Stormy History of the Great Karawela 'Peter von Danzig'. This is the perfect gift for art and painting enthusiasts fascinated by the artist's artistic talent;

'Writing Freedom after Yalta' by prof. Stefan Chwin. This book is a thorough study of post-war observations and the search for post-Yalta pessimism within them. The writer's theses are bold and supported by brilliant arguments;

'Cinematogrph About Itself. Autotheme in Polish Feature Film' by dr Paweł Biliński is a true gem for anyone interested in the topic of the presence of the film author in his own work. The author of the book looks at both well-known and forgotten, niche works, and the final conclusion allows us to look at cinema differently;

'Philosophical and Translational Journeys through the Moomin Valley' by dr hab. Hanna Dymel-Trzebiatowska, prof. UG is a proposal for those in love with the World

These are just some of the proposals from the UG Press. If you are interested and have some free time, visit one of the bookstores or browse the publisher's website. Maybe something will catch your eye too?

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