AZS Match Weekend 25-26.03.2023

The league teams of AZS University of Gdańsk will play their matches in Gdańsk this weekend. We want to invite fans to the stands - emotions and a sporting fight are guaranteed. Free entrance to all games

On Saturday, at 4 p.m., the AZS UG volleyball team will play. This will be the last meeting of the basic phase of the II volleyball league PZS, which will decide about further play and promotion to the semi-final tournament in Piła on 31.03.-02.04.2023. 

Sunday at 5 p.m., a futsal match in League 1 will be played in the Hall at Orunia. The players will take on the visitors from KS Investa PZZ Futsal Piła County. A slight defeat in the last away match against TAF Toruń (3:4) will undoubtedly fuel the importance of the meeting.

At 6 p.m., the women's basketball team will take to the court for the last game of the basic round. The charges of Coach Włodzimierz Augustynowicz will face the players of KKS Agapit Olsztyn. Our players currently occupy 8th place in the table of the 1st league of the Polish Basketball Association.


25.03.2023 - SATURDAY

AZS UG Volleyball Academy - Sparta Warszawa

4 p.m., City Sports Hall,

Gdańsk, ul. Kołobrzeska 61


26.03.2023 - SUNDAY

AZS UG - KS Investa PZZ Futsal Powiat Pilski Piła

5 p.m., CKZiU Hall no. 2,

Gdańsk Orunia, ul. Smoleńska 5 lok.7


26.03.2023 - SUNDAY

AZS UG - KKS Agapit Olsztyn

6:00 p.m., Municipal Sports Hall,

Gdańsk, ul. Kołobrzeska 61

compiled by MJ / Press Office UG, text AZS UG