Dr Alicja Bonk received PAGES Award

Dr Alicja Bonk, 

Dr Alicja Bonk from the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography of the University of Gdańsk, an oceanographer specializing in marine geology, received PAGES Early-Career Award.

Dr Bonk was recognized for her expertise in paleolimnology, her cross-disciplinary work to improve knowledge of past global environment changes in East-Central Europe, and her ability to establish new international collaborations. The ECA Committee also took into consideration her involvement in the development of the PAGES Early-Career Network and continued work within the group.

The award will be presented at PAGES' 6th Open Science Meeting (OSM) in Agadir, Morocco, in May of 2022.

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Dr Alicja Bonk researches lake sedimentation (suspension) processes and age determination of sedimentations with the use of varve chronology techniques, as well as anthropogenic and natural changes to the environment. She is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Geomorphology and Quarternary Geology of the Institute of Geography of the University of Gdańsk. As a member of Professor’s Wojciech Tylmann research team she carries out the National Science Center’s Sonatina Project, which aims to study long-term interactions between wildfires, climate, vegetation and human impact. Dr Bonk searches for factors affecting the occurrences of wildfires in northern Poland throughout the last 2000 years, based on macro and micro-carbons found in lake sedimentations.

PAGES (Past Global Changes) is an international organization established to coordinate and promote research on changes to Earth’s past environment. Over 5000 scientists from more than 125 countries currently subscribe to PAGES.


Translation: Adam Myzyk

Press Office of University of Gdańsk