Academic Choir UG at the GST Shakespeare Festival!


Hamlet to the rhythm of flamenco, with the accompaniment of the Academic Choir of the University of Gdańsk in the background. At the invitation of a Spanish theatre troupe, the UG choral ensemble will grace the performance entitled 'Hamlet. The dance of the melancholic'  - one of the many spectacles that will take place during the Shakespeare Festival between July 26 and August 6.

Two shows are scheduled for July 28: at 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. The production is based on the famous play, however, it uses innovative means of expression, relying on flamenco-style choreography by Jesús Herrera. Shakespeare's drama is a story of family, revenge, power, and murder - and it is through these aspects, their intensity and the passion present in them, that the story resonates with the nature of Spanish national dance.

During the performance, we will also hear live music and singing from our Academic Choir. 'We are very excited to be working with a fantastic Spanish ensemble and to have the opportunity to participate in this spectacular artistic event. 'We want to invite you to the Shakespeare Theatre in Gdańsk on July 28,' says prof. dr hab. Marcin Tomczak, Artistic Director of the University of Gdańsk Academic Choir.


The Shakespeare Festival is an international event dedicated to contemporary adaptations of the work of one of the most famous playwrights of all time. In addition to the Spanish group Shakespeare Flamenco, the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre will host performances by, among others, Andrzej Seweryn, Charlotte Rampling and the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh.

The motto of this year's 27th edition of the event is a quote taken from William Shakespeare's 'King Lear': 'The excellent foppery of the world!'

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