Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre invites you to a musical about the events of 1989


‘1989’ is a production directed by Katarzyna Szyngiera, formally referring to the American ‘Hamilton’. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s revolutionary musical introduced rap to Broadway, offering a fresh storytelling language, attractive to both young and older audiences. Credit for the sound of our musical belongs to one of Poland’s best rap producers, Andrzej Mikosz “Webber”, known, among other things, for his long-standing collaboration with “Łona”.

The Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre has reserved two rows of seats for UG employees for the performance of 1989, which will take place on September 7 at 7 p.m. For booking details, please see the announcements on the Employee Portal.

1989 will show the fall of communism from a new perspective. Events known from newsreels and history books will come alive on stage, seen through the eyes of three fascinating couples. In the lives of the Frasynikovs, Walesa and Kuroni, ideas compete with love, enthusiasm collides with the weight of historical events, and heroism intertwines with family tragedies. The audience will accompany the protagonists in iconic moments, during the strikes in the shipyard and at the Round Table, and in intimate moments of joy and suffering experienced in the privacy of communist-era flats or prison cells.

The production was created in collaboration with the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków and has received numerous awards, including the City of Gdańsk 2022 Award for Best Performance and Best Direction.



Screenplay: Marcin Napiórkowski, Katarzyna Szyngiera, Mirosław Wlekły

Lyrics and vocal line sketches: Marcin Napiórkowski

Raps’ editing and lyrics of the song ‘Debate’ and ‘Let’s Talk’: Patryk Bobrek Bober

Lyrics of the song ‘Olo, game changer’: Patryk Bobrek Bober, Antoni Sztaba

Lyrics to the song ‘What if we win?’: Adam Zielinski Łona

Music: Andrzej Mikosz Webber

Vocal parts: Mateusz Bieryt

Choreography: Barbara Olech

Scenography: Milena Czarnik

Costumes: Arek Ślesiński

Lighting: Paulina Góral

Assistant director and choreographer: Wojciech Dolatowski

Assistant costume designer: Daria Stefania Krawczyk

Vocal consultation: Klaudia Rabiega

Stage manager and assistant director: Bartłomiej Oskarbski

Producer: Izabella Oleś

Producer: Melania Szymerowska



Karolina Kazoń - Danusia

Rafał Szumera - Lechu

Katarzyna Zawiślak-Dolny - Krysia

Mateusz Bieryt - Władek

Magdalena Osińska - Gaja

Marcin Czarnik - Jacek

Daniel Malchar - Bogdan

Karolina Kamińska - Alina

Dominika Feiglewicz - Henryka

Małgorzata Majerska - Anna

Julia Latosińska - Zofia / Krysia and Władek's Daughter / Poplar

Rafał Dziwisz - General Jaruzelski / Erich Koch

Dominik Stroka - Kiszczak / Prime Minister / Guard / Secretary

Antoni Sztaba - Worker Aram / Kwasniewski

Wojciech Dolatowski - Worker Jerzy / Miodowicz / Reykowski

Bartosz Bandura - Bronisław

Paulina Narożnik

Dasha Melekh