Offshore wind energy - energy with a future! Recruitment for the third edition of postgraduate studies at UG


Offshore wind energy, as a newly emerging sector of the maritime economy in Poland, is an opportunity for the socio-economic development of Poland and Pomerania in particular and for the professional development of people interested in employment in this area. Therefore, the University of Gdańsk is launching the recruitment for the third edition of the postgraduate course Education for Sustainable Development: Offshore Wind Energy. The course is run by the Centre for Sustainable Development UG in collaboration with the Centre for the Research on Maritime Economy UG. Recruitment will launch on September 15, 2023.

The studies aim to improve competencies in the offshore sector, which is growing rapidly in Poland, Europe, and the world. The curriculum includes subjects such as law in offshore wind energy, management of offshore wind energy potential, business risk management, control of energy production in offshore wind farms, maritime spatial planning, offshore wind energy in the energy transition, or specialised English.

'Our postgraduate courses are geared towards building collaborative and good communication skills by presenting, in a scientifically in-depth and practically grounded way, the issues of offshore wind energy in a multifaceted and interdisciplinary manner, in terms of law, management, safety, control and maritime spatial planning. The common denominator of the twelve subjects taught in the studies is the achievement of a just energy transition, of which we are already stakeholders today and will undoubtedly be in the future,' says Director of the Centre for the Research on Maritime Economy UG dr hab. Dorota Pyć, prof. UG, head of the postgraduate studies.

The study offer is aimed at:

  • Employees of small, medium and large enterprises, especially in the energy and technology sector
  • Public administration employees, in particular, those dealing with energy, energy policy, investments or project management, who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of law in offshore wind energy, maritime spatial planning and administrative processes related to investments in offshore wind energy, including communication and stakeholder relations
  • Employees of non-governmental organisations working in the field of offshore renewable energy and environmental protection in the context of sustainable development
  • Those looking for retraining opportunities to work in the offshore wind energy sector

What makes the postgraduate course Education for Sustainable Development: Offshore Wind Energy stand out? It is the only course in Poland geared towards building competencies in the offshore sector with sustainability goals in mind. At the University of Gdańsk's postgraduate programme, we strengthen the soft skills needed in the offshore wind energy sector, which employers increasingly appreciate. We create new and support existing pro-environmental behaviour patterns and development approaches. Offshore wind energy in sustainable development is at the heart of the issues taught.

The fruit of the first edition of the study is the book Education for Sustainable Development: Offshore Wind Energy, which consisted of the students' theses. It is available here.

The studies last for two semesters (195 hours in total) and are conducted in a part-time online mode via the MS Teams platform.

Enrolment starts on September 15, 2023.

Classes start in March 2024.

You are warmly welcome!

All information about the programme, staff and recruitment can be found on the programme website.

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