Izabela Dłużyk from the Centre for Foreign Languages UG featured in BBC documentary

Izabela Dłużyk from the Centre for Foreign Languages at the University of Gdańsk has been recording the sounds of nature since she was 12 years old. She records birds and the environment in which they live, capturing moments that many of us would not notice. The latest audio story featuring her can be heard on the British broadcaster BBC. Izabela Dłużyk has been blind since birth, but this does not stop her from developing her passion.

The journalists of the trojmiasto.pl web portal wrote about the heroine of the BBC documentary a few years ago, when she was raising money for a trip to Peru to record a unique species of parrots living only there. She made it. She brought back almost 100 hours of footage of the Amazon jungle from the trip. Her dream came true, but she did not rest on her laurels.

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Documentary on BBC website: The Documentary Podcast - Isabella in the Forest - BBC Sounds



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