Gdańsk Matura Salon at UG: September 19–20

SM 2023

Photo Mateusz Byczkowski/UG

Once again, the University of Gdańsk is hosting the Gdańsk Matura Salon – an educational event where the Matura exam 'meets' studies. High school students can learn about the educational and scientific offers of universities from Tricity on 19 and 20 September at the Faculty of Law and Administration of UG.

You cannot rely on coincidence when choosing your educational path. That is why the Perspektywy Educational Foundation organises the national campaign Perspektywy Matriculation Salon every year in September.

In 2023, the event will take place in 14 cities in Poland to help 2024 high school graduates (as well as their younger high school classmates) pass their matriculation exams well and choose their educational future.

September 19–20 – WPiA UG

The UG Faculty of Law and Administration will host, among other things, meetings with experts from the Regional Examination Commission (matura examination in a changed formula, joint for graduates of high schools and technical high schools), with excellent teachers–practitioners, with academic teachers and staff from recruitment departments, as well as with experts on the labour market.

During the Salon, every registered participant will receive for free (or download a code for an e-book) Perspektywy's top publication, the 'Informator dla Maturzystów 2024' (‘Matura Guide 2024). It contains not only reliable information about the 'new' Matura exam but also the Perspektywy 2023 Ranking of Higher Education Institutions, the Ranking of Studies (74 most popular majors!) and information about the rules of admission to all universities for the academic year 2024/2025.

The Gdańsk Matura Salon Perspektywy 2023 takes place at the University of Gdańsk (Faculty of Law and Administration UG) on September 19 and 20, 9.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m. Admission is free; registration for the meetings is required.

EMW/Press Office UG