Faculty of History UG co-launches Baltics Programme Network

The Centre for Geopolitics at the University of Cambridge launched the new research program aimed at increasing understanding of Baltic geopolitics and the role of Great Britain in it. Within the scope of this program, Faculty of History UG has been the founding member of Baltics Programme Network connecting leading universities and research institutions from the UK and Baltic area.

Baltics Programme Network, an informal network connecting scholars from leading universities and research institutes from across the UK and the Baltic area to build and disseminate knowledge on the history and politics of the greater Baltic region.

Apart from the University of Gdańsk, the network comprises multiple international universities:

  • University of Cambridge, Centre for Geopolitics
  • University of Copenhagen, Centre for Military Studies
  • University of Glasgow, Baltic Research Unit
  • University of Greifswald, Historical Institute
  • University of Helsinki, Aleksanteri Institute
  • Klaipėda University, Institute of Baltic Region History and Archaeology
  • University of Latvia, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • University of Tartu, Johann Skytte Institute of Political Studies
  • Uppsala University, Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies

As the British website of the program reads, the Centre for Geopolitics intends to establish a fully-funded Baltic programme, centred on the study of the modern history (from about 1600) and current geopolitics of the Baltic, with a particular emphasis on relations with Britain. The caucus of those interested in Baltic issues has been created at Cambridge.

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Translation: Adam Myzyk

Press Office of University of Gdańsk