'Just cool people come here'. Probe with participants of the Sports Section for People with Disabilities

During the pandemic, the Sports Section for People with Disabilities has been launched at the University of Gdańsk. Classes have been taking place for over three years, and their participants are achieving increasingly prestigious laurels at the Inclusive Championships of Poland (IMP). However, as they say, it is not about winning but about movement and deriving pleasure from it. We invite you to read the poll with the participants of the Sports Section of People with Disabilities.


Justyna Kamińska - Sociology, second year, second degree:

I heard about the Section entirely by accident. It was back in my Covidu days as a second-year undergraduate student. I didn't want to come, but my parents convinced me to give it a try. Until then, I had quite a negative association with sports, mainly because of my experiences at school. However, when I came here, I felt it was a very friendly and calm place. I didn't have to do anything by force, just what was within my capabilities.

A big motivator is to get moving. It's good for your health, whether you have this disability or not. The second factor is the social issue; just the cool people are coming here. I've also managed to win the Polish Integration Table Tennis Championships three times, for which I received a sports scholarship. This is also a motivator, but I don't know if it's the most important one. I'm much more motivated by being at the championships and having a great weekend time.


Mikolaj Ziemkiewicz - Scandinavian studies, second year, first degree:

 I read about the section on Facebook. I wrote to the leader with questions about what the classes were like, what we would do, etc., and that's how the adventure started. I've been going for two years now, and I really enjoy it. I'm doing things that I never thought I would be able to do in my life. In high school, I thought table tennis was out of reach. I play for fun, get fun out of it, and develop my coordination. It's about the movement itself, expanding my limits. Up until two years ago, I would stand at a table, and the ball would fly, and I wouldn't notice it and bounce it. I highly recommend these classes.


Marcin Biernacki:

I am not currently a student. I have been attending the section for over a year now, I found out about it when I was a student at Poznań University of Economics. I first met Ms Gosia Aftańska as a participant in the Polish Integration Championships. When I moved to Gdańsk after my studies, I didn't know anyone, and since there was such an opportunity, I willingly came to the training. Now, it's a break from everyday life for me. I come here for the pleasure. Whether it's classes or competitions, I just have a good time. I want to move and meet new people. We have an excellent team.

Marcel Jakubowski/ Press Office UG