'Bike to university' for the third time!


The third edition of the ‘Bike to University’ competition, addressed to employees, students, and doctoral students of the University of Gdańsk who care about the environment and are willing to change their transport habits, has been launched. The initiative was organised jointly with the Gdansk University of Technology as part of the Fahrenheit University collaboration.

The competition, which is aimed at employees, doctoral students, and students of UG, will run from April 2 to September 30, 2024. Participation in the competition is based on riding from the place of residence to the university and back home by bicycle (including electric bicycle) or scooter (including electric scooter). It is possible to cover part of the distance using public transport.

How does registration work? All you need to do is go to the campaign website and on the registration form, provide:

  • your place of residence;
  • your estimated home/university distance (as a workplace or place of study);
  • your means of transport (your choice: bicycle, scooter, electric bicycle, electric scooter);
  • whether the journey is combined with another mode of transport (train, bus, tram).

Every home-to-university-home trip made as part of the competition (excluding leisure trips) must be registered by the participant on the campaign website within two days of the trip being made.

The participant must enter the date of the journey and the number of kilometres travelled on public transport or by car in the case of a combined journey. Each journey entered means travelling a distance equal to the number of kilometres declared by the participant as the distance from the place of residence to the university (excluding sections not travelled by bicycle or scooter).

A maximum of two journeys can be made per day and no more than 10 journeys can be made in a week. A week is considered to be 7 consecutive calendar days from Monday to Sunday. For the convenience of participants, a 'round trip' button has been added to the registration system on the competition website.

In this year's edition of the competition, a ranking of the 10 people with the most rides and the most kilometres travelled in both categories (staff/students and PhD students) has been added to the registration system, visible to all participants.



This year, 2 thresholds have been introduced: for 70 rides and 100 rides.

For completing a total of 70 rides, the first 250 participants in each category will receive a baseball cap or other university gadget, while the first 150 participants who claim 100 rides will be rewarded with bicycle bottles.

Individual prizes will be awarded at the Competition Finals to the participants who complete the most journeys to/from work or place of study during the Competition, separately in both categories (staff/students and PhD students):

  • 1st place - gift card worth 500 PLN (gross),
  • 2nd place - gift card of PLN 300 (gross),
  • 3rd place - a gift card of PLN 200 (gross).

In addition, participants in both categories will be awarded a special prize in the form of a gift set worth approximately PLN 250 (gross) for the highest number of kilometres travelled.

The results will be announced at the end of the competition, at a place and date designated by the Organiser.


Edit. Julia Bereszczyńska/Press Office