Academic circle and sex education

Sexual education for young people is carried out on the internet by the Ars Amandi Students' Circle of Sexology at the University of Gdańsk.- 'Our social media are not only about education but also sometimes about counselling and support,' - says Barbara Grabowska, a member of the Ars Amandi Circle.

The members of the Ars Amandi Society are mainly psychology students from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Gdańsk. The scientific supervisors of the Ars Amandi club are dr Joanna Maria Koralewska-Samko and dr Joanna Główczewska from the Institute of Psychology, WNS UG.

With the outbreak of the pandemic, the Ars Amandi Circle moved its activities to the internet. A group of students involved in the Circle started educational activities through social media. - 'We address our content mainly to secondary school students, replacing school sexual education, which usually fails,' - says Barbara Grabowska from the Ars Amandi Circle. The information prepared by the Circle is also addressed to young adults. 'We believe that sexual education should be available and should last for life,' she adds.

The topics covered include prevention or the so-called first time, but also more specialised topics such as hymenoplasty or the phenomenon of the orgasm gap. - 'The content can be used by anyone who feels that they lack such sexological knowledge,' explains Barbara Grabowska.

The Ars Amandi study circle provides education through social media - a Facebook page and an Instagram account (@nksarsamandi). On these channels, students regularly insert educational content and conduct sex education.

So far, the Ars Amandi circle has posted about HIV education, conducted educational weeks on orgasm (what is anorgasmia versus orgasm gap and what is the truth about the G-spot?) and virginity (when is the right time for a first time, what is hymenoplasty?). It also shared a three-part webinar on IGTV's Instagram on the issues of the concept of consent and rape as a crime against sexual freedom.

There is also a mailbox on InstaStories for questions or to share your experiences. - 'Our female and male observers are very willing to share their stories in private messages. We also receive questions about sexuality,' explains Barbara Grabowska.

The circle is currently preparing to publish an information booklet to promote early prevention.

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Ewa Cichocka / Press Office of University of Gdańsk