Figuratywni Theatre Festival NZS UG

The theatre festival Figuratywni, which brings theatre and the art of acting closer, is one of the projects of the Independent Students' Union UG. - 'Participation in the theatre festival is a great opportunity to develop one's improvisation skills thanks to valuable exercises in theatre and make-up, but not only,' - say the organisers.

Changing the convention of Kashubian legends - this is the title of the second edition of the festival, which is scheduled for 16-18.04.2021 and is addressed to students, PhD students as well as secondary and post-secondary school students up to 29 years of age. The organiser of the event is NZS UG, and the co-organiser is Brikolaż Theatre Studies Club.

- 'From the very beginning, the festival was intended to popularise theatre and other performing arts among young people. We want to spread good energy and self-development among high school and university students, which is easily found in theatre,' - explains Marta Stogłów, Coordinator of the Figuratywni project. As she stresses, this is especially important now, during the pandemic. - 'This is a very difficult moment for theatre institutions, so any form of support will come in handy. In this project, after her stage experience, the coordinator intends to learn more about festival management. - We had to promote the festival online and organise it in the same form. Together with my project group, we created a fanpage on Facebook and Instagram from scratch,'. It was possible to organise workshops on various aspects of theatre, led by specialists, and competitions for participants.

Figuratywni is also the title of Daria Zakrzewska's bachelor's thesis from NZS UG, the originator of the festival, a graduate of the first degree in Theatre Studies at UG, winner of a distinction in the Project Master competition. - 'The whole project aimed to bring theatre closer to people. As a coordinator, I wanted to show that theatre can be a form of therapy and fun. The festival brings students and secondary school students together,' she explains. The project included events such as Boska w dwóch ujęciach - a confrontation of television theatre with film, Niezła z Ciebie sztuka, which brought closer the art of make-up.


Friday 16.04.2021:

9.00-12.00 - New media in contemporary theatre - Maria Jabłońska

15.00-18.00 - Voice emission - Marzena Nieczuja - Urbańska

Saturday 17.04.2021:

9.00-12.00 - Synesthesia in dance / movement awareness / stage movement - Piotr "The Snake" Bulman

12.00-15.00 - The secret life of theatre puppets and more - Nikos Kotowicz

Sunday 18.04.2021:

9.00-12.00 - Let's say it differently, or about meanings in recitation - Weronika Łucyk

12.00-15.00 - Preparing for entrance exams to acting schools with preliminary character analysis - Julia Chatys

Ewa Cichocka/Press Office of University of Gdańsk