Four UG students qualified for the fourth edition of the TopYoung100 programme

Dr Leszek Reszka from the Faculty of Economics UG, academic supervisor and programme coordinator for cooperation with universities.

A year-long development programme under the guidance of a mentor, training in hard and soft skills, study visits, participation in conferences and webinars - these are the benefits offered to those qualified for the fourth edition of the TopYoung100 programme. Four students of the Logistics Scientific Club of the Faculty of Economics at Gdansk University will benefit from these.

The TopYoung100 programme includes workshops, training, webinars and business challenges, all under the guidance of a mentor who will guide the student in achieving their goal.

Four students of the Faculty of Economics at UG found themselves in the fourth edition of the programme: Palina Belayets, Magdalena Reszka, Zofia Wieczorkowska and Kacper Zdrojkowski. They all successfully passed two recruitment stages: stage I conducted at the university by the academic tutor (the following factors were taken into account: grades achieved at the university, number of logistics and transport subjects passed, as well as additional activities such as involvement in the scientific club, first professional experiences) and stage II conducted by the Polish Association of Logistics and Purchasing Managers (i.e. an interview conducted partly in English).

Having qualified for the programme, the students will be covered by a one-year development programme which includes a mentoring process, training in hard and soft competencies, study visits as well as participation in numerous conferences and webinars.

- 'Participation in the programme provides students with great development opportunities, both in broadening their skills in using IT tools supporting logistics and in teamwork and networking. Working together on business challenges, students expand their networks and integrate into cross-university teams. An additional benefit is cooperation with business mentors - logistics managers who offer advice and experience to programme participants,' - says dr Leszek Reszka of the Faculty of Economics, University of Gdansk, academic supervisor at the University of Gdansk and programme coordinator for cooperation with universities.

The TopYoung100 programme is an initiative aimed at the best students of majors and specialities related to the supply chain in Poland. It is created by three communities: business, academic and students. It aims to build the image of Poland as a strong centre of logistics and supply chain competencies by, among other things, supporting and promoting young logistic talents in the professional market. The programme is held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Education and Science.

The 5th edition of the programme is planned for spring 2022.

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