Publication of WPiA UG employees in Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press published an English monograph entitled 'Day Fines in Europe: Assessing Income-Based Sanctions in Criminal Justice Systems' edited by Prof. Elena Kantorowicz-Reznichenko (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam) and Prof. Michael Faure (Universiteit Maastricht), which is the culmination of research conducted under an international project.

The authors of the chapter are employees of the Department of Criminal Process Law and Criminalistics of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdansk: dr hab. Sławomir Steinborn, prof. UG, Head of the Department of Criminal Process Law and Criminalistics, and mgr Dawid Marko, an assistant at the Department.

- 'The monograph is a unique, first comprehensive study devoted to theoretical analysis and review of the functioning of the daily fine in Europe. Containing several recommendations and indications, as well as guidelines for further research directions, it is addressed to both practitioners and theoreticians of criminal law, as well as all those interested in the issues of fines,' - says mgr Dawid Marko, co-author of the publication.

From the publisher's description:

Day fines, as a pecuniary sanction, have a great potential to reduce inequality in the criminal sentencing system, as they impose the same relative punishment on all offenders irrespective of their income. Furthermore, with correct implementation, they can constitute an alternative sanction to the more repressive and not always efficient short-term prison sentences. Finally, by independently expressing in the sentence the severity and the income of the offender, day fines can increase uniformity and transparency of sentencing. Having this in mind, almost half of the European Union countries have adopted day fines in their criminal justice system. For the first time, this book makes their findings accessible to a wider international audience. Aimed at scholars, policy makers and criminal law practitioners, it provides an opportunity to learn about the theoretical advantages, the practical challenges, the successes and failures, and ways to improve.

More about the monograph at: Cambridge University Press

Julia Bereszczyńska/Press Office of University of Gdańsk