'Vogue' about the initiative of students of the Faculty of Management UG

Initially, they were active only on FB and Instagram, bringing together young people interested in fashion, music and culture in the broadest sense. - 'Over time, as the community grew closer, we decided to move from the Internet to the real world. Now, people come to our events from all over Poland,' say Kacper Mytkowski, a student at the University of Gdańsk, Tymoteusz Gierwatowski, a graduate of the University of Gdańsk, and Kewin Tony, the initiators of The Daily Room, an independently operating creative agency which, as they emphasise, gathers a community of young, creative and open-minded people.

Kacper Mytkowski, a Marketing student at the University of Gdańsk, Tymoteusz Gierwatowski, a Management graduate from the University of Gdańsk, and Kewin Tony (the name is not real, it is an artistic pseudonym) - the initiators of the Daily Room, a place which has recently been featured in the Polish Vogue magazine - talk about the idea of creating a specific, Tricity-based space, as well as how they created and developed their brand.

What exactly is The Daily Room? Try to tell those who have not yet heard about you about yourself.

What is the DR? This question cannot be answered in one sentence. We sometimes have trouble explaining what it is all about. At the moment we can say that we are: an independently operating creative agency whose competencies include organization of events (mainly parties) and promotion in social media (last month we created marketing campaigns for Reserved, we promoted Levi's brand and before that Caterpillar), as well as an online community of young people (our age range is between 17 and 27) interested in general young culture/lifestyle. The theme is fashion and music, technology - everything that is happening now and is 'fresh'.

Initially, you were mainly active on social media. Until The Daily Room started to be recognised and associated in the real world as well.

DR was founded in 2017 as a Facebook group. Alongside the group, Instagram @pokoj_dzienny was also created. At the time, there were many groups with similar themes, but each of them was closely related to selling/buying second-hand clothes. DR was meant to bring all these people together. The idea was to bring together people with similar hobbies and interests, but in such a way that they would have their own Hyde Park, a place where they could ask anything. We simply noticed that among all these fashion and shoe groups there was no place for talking about mundane, totally ordinary things.

As time went by and the community grew closer together and we could see it developing, we knew it couldn't function just on the internet. We decided to bring it into the real world. Currently, people come to our events from all over Poland.

Let's stay with the beginnings. You have created your own community on the Internet, your audience. But the group is not large and from the beginning, it was not for everyone.

Our group on FB has 9.3 thousand members (although we have over 19 thousand people waiting to join). This is our conscious choice. There are 'few' of us enough to be able to maintain order and control. We know from experience that the more members there are, the greater the disorder and the more difficult it is to keep everything in a pleasant atmosphere. That's why we currently only add new members to the group if someone writes to us, asks us to, or if we meet at an event in real life. There are more of us on Instagram, which currently already has almost 30,000 followers.

Everything here revolves around fashion and music. There is always a nice atmosphere at our events and it doesn't matter how different the person is from the rest. It is customary to point the finger at those who look 'more interesting', but with us, they are always the centre of attention.

You are working on several projects simultaneously. Tell us, what exactly is the focus of your activity?

The projects under the Daily Room banner include @kwadratikawa - Square and Coffee. It has always been our dream to open our food venue. We joined forces with @flowcafegdynia and made it happen. We invite you for a pizza and coffee to Władysławowo at Brzozowa 27. After the season, maybe Gdynia? @garazacoustic - Garage. A music project where we invite artists to sing their song in an acoustic version, @record.couturier - Record. An online shop with archival clothing from huge designers like Margiela, Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester.

Apart from that, you know, organising parties/events. The next one will take place on July 9 at Directorate Square, it's a new entertainment and recreation space located in the area of the Imperial Shipyard, next to the 100cznia and Elektryków Street.

As we bring together mainly young people, our events are mainly events in interesting places. The music you can hear at our events is mainly rap, trap, electronic and experimental music. We try at all costs to provide some added value at every event. We don't want people to think of our events as 'eh, just another party'. We select DJs, artists, decorations and arrangements of the venues we operate in. For the event in the former Radio Station in Gdańsk, apart from the party itself, we organized a contest for skateboarders, we put up a ramp for them to ride on, we bought a billboard with our logo and we did a little surprise concert during the event.

Tell us something about yourselves, who are you, how did you divide your roles in the project. What is your future connected with?

Each of the three of us has a slightly different role in the project. Kacper Mytkowski is a marketing student at the Faculty of Management, University of Gdańsk, graphic designer, photographer and coordinator of the aforementioned projects. He is also an Apple Solutions Ambassador and 2005 Brand Art Director (@2005.global). Tymoteusz Gierwatowski is a stylist, designer and main coordinator of the Record project. Kewin Tony aspires to be a goldsmith. He will be making jewellery and grills for teeth. Besides, he is the head of the Square and Coffee project.

We act as one organism.

What do we associate the future with? We see it like this: Creative/marketing agency + Food venue + Shop. We hope that the scale of the projects will grow with time. For the time being, we are not stopping.

Elżbieta Michalak-Witkowska / Press Office UG