Prof. UG co-author of a scientific paper on cancer detection


The role of the WZ UG researcher in the GUMed study was to select statistical methods appropriate to the stated aim, perform statistical analyses and statistical inference.

Dr hab. Ewa Wycinka, prof. UG from the Department of Statistics, Faculty of Management, University of Gdańsk, participated in medical research of the Medical University of Gdańsk concerning cervical cancer. The result of the scientific team's work is a publication that appeared in 'Diagnostics' - a reputable international journal.


The researcher from the University of Gdańsk has been cooperating scientifically with doctor Marcin Liro and doctor Marcin Śniadecki from the Department of Gynaecology, Gynaecology Oncology and Gynaecological Endocrinology of the Medical University of Gdańsk for several years, conducting statistical analyses within the framework of research financed by the Medical University of Gdańsk and concerning cervical cancer.

- 'Statistical methods are universal, the same tools allow verifying research hypotheses formulated in various fields of science. My role in the research consists in the selection of statistical methods suitable for the realisation of the set aim, conducting statistical analyses and statistical inference,' - says dr hab. Ewa Wycinka.

Based on the results of statistical analyses, the main research participants can verify the research hypotheses and formulate further ones. As the UG researcher emphasises, the interdisciplinary character of the team allows it to optimally use and combine the knowledge of team members, and also to propose new solutions to problems.

- 'A great advantage of our interdisciplinary cooperation is the fact that apart from using classical statistical methods, I can additionally propose to analyse medical data using methods popular in economics, which allow for detecting new, interesting phenomena and relations. At the same time, I have the opportunity to explore and transplant methods that have so far been developed mainly in the field of biostatistics to the field of economics. Cooperation with the medical environment is therefore very inspiring for the scientific work that I carry out in the Department of Statistics at the Faculty of Management of the University of Gdańsk,' - adds dr hab. Ewa Wycinka.

The long-term cooperation of the UG researcher with the Medical University of Gdańsk has resulted in the co-authorship of four articles in JCR-listed journals and co-authorship of papers presented at 7 international scientific conferences.

EMW / Press Office UG