Become a property manager or developer. Recruitment is ongoing

The Department of Investment and Real Estate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdańsk is currently recruiting for postgraduate studies in Real Estate and Development Project Management. - 'The study programme familiarises students with the latest trends in the real estate market. Lectures and exercises are conducted by recognised academic lecturers and experts with many years of practice,' - says dr Małgorzata Rymarzak, the studies' manager.

Work in the field of real estate and development project management involves conducting inspections of buildings and construction sites, analysing documentation and legal regulations, preparing plans and feasibility studies (in legal, marketing, financial and organisational terms), analysing the real estate market, assessing the optimum use of real estate, evaluating the market position of a property and creating it. An important aspect of real estate and development project management is also their financing.

The Management of Real Estate and Development Projects postgraduate programme provides knowledge on all of the above-mentioned issues. Methods of financing Project Finance and Corporate Finance are discussed, as well as aspects of public-private partnerships. Modern property management concepts such as asset management, property management, facility management and the basics of commercialisation of space are also presented.

- 'The studies have enjoyed unflagging success for over 10 years. The programme was prepared in cooperation with JLL and Euro Styl, thanks to which the students are familiar with the latest trends on the real estate market,' says dr Małgorzata Rymarzak, the course director. - 'The lectures and exercises are conducted by recognised academic lecturers and experts with many years of practice. They make it possible not only to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and practical skills but also to establish numerous professional contacts.'.

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Graduates will have comprehensive knowledge and skills related to the entire real estate lifecycle, from planning, through investment implementation, use (management) and disposal of real estate. This specialist knowledge will apply to properties of various uses, including residential, commercial, office, warehouse, hotel and undeveloped land.

Given that the profession of property manager no longer requires a professional licence, the importance of the postgraduate certificate in this area has increased. It is now an important proof of qualifications and knowledge required to practice this attractive and responsible profession.

The studies last for two semesters and are dedicated to people with higher education, who are or intend to be involved in real estate management or development projects.

Recruitment is open until September 30, 2021, and takes place via the Online Registration of Candidates (IRK) for Postgraduate Studies.

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