Learn practical tools for logistics management in a company

The Department of Logistics at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk is recruiting for the next edition of postgraduate studies Logistical support for business. They are aimed at people interested in the subject of logistics, who have completed higher education studies of the first, second degree or unified master's degree in any field of study.

Postgraduate studies in logistics support for business operations last two semesters.

- 'Their aim is not only to equip participants with knowledge in the field of logistics but above all to familiarize them with practical tools for logistics management in a company,' - says dr Leszek Reszka, the manager of the Postgraduate Studies Logistic Support in Business. - 'For participants it can be a great investment in their personal professional development, broadening their horizons giving new perspectives for the future, and for companies, it can be a factor in achieving sustainable competitive advantage.'.

The programme comprises three modules. In the first one, entitled Logistical support of business operations, students learn about the essence of logistics and its functions, which determine that it is becoming one of the main factors of competitiveness in the modern economy. The second module entitled Functioning of logistics in the micro and macroeconomic perspective introduces the participants to a wide range of logistics applications, which is an indispensable support for business activities of individual enterprises, supply chains and networks, as well as for national and international economic processes. As part of the third module, participants learn about management tools for logistics support systems, which include not only SAP ERP or ARIS IT tools, but also quantitative methods and techniques for forecasting and optimization.

More information about the postgraduate studies Logistical support for business can be found on the website of the Faculty of Economics.

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