Inter-University Competence Academy workshops at UG

Looking for your first serious job and don't know where to start? Wondering what to do to be attractive in the labour market? The University of Gdańsk Career Office, together with the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone and three other career offices at Pomeranian universities, invite you to participate in the Inter-University Academy of Competencies (MAK) project, during which students will learn about competencies currently sought on the labour market.

Do you already have experience in the labour market? Or maybe you are looking for your first serious job and do not know where to start? If you are interested in these issues, and additionally you want to learn what competencies today's employers value, how to stand out on the labour market and how to create an interesting online profile for an employer - this event is for you.

The autumn/winter edition of MAK consists of 3 parts and will be held online on three dates. The first workshop is on October 26, 2021, from 14.00 to 15.30. Registration at the link:

- 'We notice that this type of workshop is needed for young people, students and graduates who are taking their first steps in the labour market,' - says Aleksandra Stenke, head of the Career Office of the University of Gdańsk. - 'A lot of competition, the necessity for a candidate to appear, and consequently, the ability to attract the employer's attention and interest in our candidature are key skills that are worth training, as they often decide whether we'll get a job or not. The Inter-University Academy of Competencies is part of the BK's extensive offer preparing UG students and graduates for the labour market.'.

During the workshops, you will hear about the specifics of the labour market, how to be interesting for an employer, and additionally, you will acquire skills of internal company ordering (5S) and learn how to organise a workstation.

The first edition of MAK consists of three online pieces of training.

First part - October 26, 2021: Build your image - get to know your employer. It will be conducted by Randstad Poland. You will learn, among others: What are the current trends in specific sectors of the labour market? How to build your own brand in the recruitment process? How to be found - be visible online and stay in touch with recruiters? What do recruitment processes look like and how to prepare for them?

Online workshop, registration

Second part - November 24, 2021: Competencies as your signpost on the labour market, moderated by GI Group. We will discuss issues such as the labour market and competencies, employers' competence needs. You will learn how to define your competencies and how to develop key competencies to get a job.

Online workshops, registration

Third part - December 16, 2021: Easy entry into organisation standards. Leading - Lean Idea. Work standardisation - basics, simulation game, 5S basics - exercise and organisation of an ergonomic workstation - these are the issues which will be discussed during the meeting.

Online workshops, registration

- 'We hope that these workshops will help our students and graduates feel more confident and spread their wings on the labour market,' - adds Aleksandra Stenke. - 'Participants will receive personal certificates of participation.'.

Information about the summer edition of MAK workshops will be available soon on the FB page of the UG Career Office.

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