Remote classes at the University of Gdańsk

As many as 73% of full-time course classes and 71% of part-time course classes take place remotely at the University of Gdańsk.


The data has been gathered from every university faculty and unit. Only courses consisting mostly of laboratories, field classes or other forms of classes impossible to be held remotely demonstrate lower percentage values.


Remote classes are also held for foreigners studying under the Erasmus Plus Program or any other inter-university agreement. As an example 90% of Polish Philology classes for students from Harbin take place remotely, with the use of various education platforms and UG own education materials.

School of Sports prepared interesting propositions including sets of exercises, like fitness workout to do at home (#zostańwdomu, #trenujSAM) [stay at home, train alone].


University of Gdańsk employees also record online lectures and share them with students and University of the Third Age students.

Remote classes at the University of Gdańsk are held with the use of UG education portal, MS Teams service or with any other form of remote teaching allowed at specific faculties.

UG Center for Television Recordings and Film Documentation became involved in creating e-learning courses, offering multimedia recording support.

Number of e-learning classes held at the University of Gdańsk increases gradually, thanks to, among others, trainings organized for UG staff. Online trainings for MS Teams platform (recommended for remote teaching) have been launched.

Information on trainings and online classes is available at the Employee’s Portal for UG staff.

It is worth noting that almost 200 universities from around the globe have published 600 free online courses already. The list of courses, ordered by categories (IT, mathematics, coding, humanities, social sciences, education and teaching, health and medicine, business, self-development, engineering, art and design, exact sciences), has been also shared with UG employees. More information available at the website.

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