Mobile art installation inspired by quantum physics phenomena in Experyment

Art installation 'Light, colour and Space'. Vienna 2006, Karolina Paterek.

Already on Saturday, you will be able to see a mobile art installation inspired by polarisation and quantum physics. The "art and science" project, which aims to popularise quantum ideas through art, was created by prof. Tomasz Paterek from the University of Gdańsk and dr Karolina Wojnowska-Paterek, an artist and architect.

Work on the project is coming to an end, the effects of which will be visible in the Experyment Science Centre in Gdynia on Saturday, February 19, at 14:00. During a lecture presenting the artistic installation 'Travels of Light', prof. Paterek will talk about different stages of understanding light (from the earliest ones to quantum physics), while dr Wojnowska-Paterek will discuss relations between science and art.

- 'The new artistic installation will illustrate the foundation of quantum mechanics - a simultaneous exploration of various possibilities,' - announces dr hab. Tomasz Paterek, prof. UG from the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics. - In particular, the installation will give the impression of being outside and inside.

As emphasised by dr Karolina Wojnowska-Paterek, art helps to describe problems requiring abstract thinking, it evokes associations, emotions, is supposed to arouse the viewer's interest in the subject, make him/her think.

Dr hab. Tomasz Paterek deals with quantum physics and its borderland with other fields of science on a daily basis. Now the borderline with art should be added to it. Some time ago, together with his wife, he received a grant 'Travels of Light', which was funded by the Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi) - an independent, philanthropically financed non-profit organisation, run by scientists for scientists.

As the UG scientist points out, the idea to combine physics with art came from dr Karolina Wojnowska-Paterek, who wanted to create an installation illustrating being in two places at once - the foundation of quantum physics.

- 'Quantum physics is known for its abstract formulation and unexpected predictions. It forces us to reject the concepts we have developed while learning about the macroscopic world around us since childhood. Its domain of applicability is the micro-world, inaccessible to the direct action of the senses,' - explains prof. Paterek. - 'Art can fill in this gap and, through a suitably crafted space, give the viewers impressions closely corresponding to quantum ideas.'.

Please find attached a short video that touches on the idea of the installation.

Elżbieta Michalak-Witkowska/Zespół Prasowy UG