A political scientist from UG a member of the round table 'War Against Ukraine'

Dr hab. Arkadiusz Modrzejewski, prof. UG.

Dr hab. Arkadiusz Modrzejewski, prof. UG from the Department of Political Thought and Recent History of the Institute of Political Science UG will take part in the expert roundtable 'War Against Ukraine. The Struggle for the Future of Europe and the World'. The experts also include a dozen political scientists, sociologists and specialists in security sciences from Ukraine, the United States, Moldova and the European Union, including Poland.

Representatives of the expert security science community gathered at the joint talks, which were organized online on the sixth day of the war by Ukraine's Yuri Fedkovych National University in Chernivtsi. War Against Ukraine. The Struggle for the Future of Europe and the World was the theme of the meeting.

Scholars from Europe and the USA stressed the strong roots of Ukraine in Europe and the fact that it is part of the European space.

'As Europeans, Ukrainians defend not only their country but also Europe as a cultural and axiological community,' - says dr hab. Arkadiusz Modrzejewski, prof. UG. - 'During the debates, we paid attention, among other things, to the necessity of undertaking the fight against the lies propagated in the media by the Russian Federation. I drew attention to the revival of the empire of lies and its consequences for the international community. Scientists must proclaim the truth, including the inconvenient one.'

The participants in the discussion also considered the response of the scientific community to the Russian aggression against Ukraine. According to the participants, one of them should be the suspension of academic and scientific cooperation with universities and research institutes from Russia and Belarus, with simultaneous non-discrimination of students and scientists from these countries staying at European and American universities.

EMW / Press Office UG