University of Gdańsk operation until the end of summer exam session in 2029/2020 academic year

In accordance with the new guidelines from the Minister of Science and Higher Education regarding the university operation during the pandemic, on 15 May 2020 Rector of the University of Gdańsk issued the ordinance organizing the university operations until the end of summer semester of 2019/2020 academic year. Where required, the decisions regarding the limitations of the University of Gdańsk operations remain in force. At the same time, where possible, limitations are lifted and improvements are introduced.


Classes, exams, credits, theses defense and 2019/2020 summer examination session schedule

Currently at the University of Gdańsk, over 80% of classes are held online or with the use of e-learning methods and will continue as such until the end of summer semester of 2019/2020 academic year. Classes that could not be held remotely will be moved to next semester curriculums.

Exams, credits, theses defense (MA and BA) will also be held online. In order to efficiently conduct them, the regular examination session has been prolonged until 30 June 2020. The September, re-sit examination session schedule has not changed. As soon as 31 March 2020 University of Gdańsk developed solutions to submit diploma theses and hold defenses and credit exams remotely. Those are solutions that allow to run the entire process online, from diploma submission to the diploma defense, including any form of exam and credit – oral, written, workshop. The tool dedicated for online classes, defenses, exams and credits is MS Teams, webinars and trainings on it have been provided. First online defenses took place already at the UG Faculty of Economics, delivering experiences that show the solution is doable. At the same time, UG students and staff are able to use library resources of the University of Gdańsk available in the online system.


Student dormitories and sport facilities

For safety reasons the return to student dormitories is not possible (more than 1300 students lived there). Allowing such a large group of people to return to dormitories, using shared kitchens, laundry rooms and other spaces would pose a serious risk for all inhabitants. Using sports facilities is not possible for the same reasons. Foreign students who could not go home and students in difficult living situation, for instance health-wise, can still live in the dormitories. The latter case requires individual permission, the necessity to return must be documented.

For safety reasons, student dormitory applications for 2020/2021 academic years can only be submitted online.

UG Student dormitory fee waiver and fee reduction have been introduced. Students in difficult living situation received hardship benefit, coming from dedicated funds.


The enrollment schedule

Due to rescheduling of Matura exams this years, the University of Gdańsk introduced new enrollment schedule for 2020/2021 academic year and new electronic application system. The enrollment was rescheduled to August, and precise dates for specific fields of study will be announced at the end of May, following the approval from UG Senate. At the same time, the University of Gdańsk does not change the enrollment rules (e.g. school subjects taken into account during the enrollment process). At the moment, pursuant to the current legislation, the enrollment to first cycle studies (BA/ BSc) and long cycle studies (5year’s MA/ Msc, e.g. law, psychology, pedagogy) is based on the Matura Exam results.


Open events

Until at least 31 August 2020 no conference, symposium, lecture, artistic performance, other meeting organized by the University of Gdańsk or event organized by third party entity will be allowed at the University of Gdańsk premises. Until at least 30 June 2020 no accommodation of new people and external guests visits to  student housing and other UG facilities will be allowed.

We hope to inaugurate the new 2020/2021 academic year during the traditional ceremony on 1 October 2020


Administrative staff and access to the university infrastructure

Where possible, limitations on the university operations are lifted. The faculty buildings are only available, subject to the consent of a dean or a head of intracollegiate unit, to staff and doctoral students of particular faculty whose research requires use of resources available only at the particular building. A dean or a head of intracollegiate unit is responsible for proper staff and doctoral students workflow management, in accordance with safety procedures.

The work of administrative staff at UG facilities must be compliant with safe working conditions (like maintaining 2 meter social distance). For safety reasons part of the administrative staff is still required to work remotely. Deans, heads of intracollegiate units and heads of central administration units are required to organize efficient remote work for UG faculties, units, central and faculty administration.

The use of protective masks and gloves is recommended in shared spaces of UG facilities.


Social responsibility of the University

The University of Gdańsk helps everywhere possible. First mobile walk-thru testing facility in Poland was opened at Oliwa UG campus We have provided specialized equipment, increasing coronavirus testing capabilities, to the Voivodeship Unit of the State Sanitary Inspection Gdańsk and single-purpose Navy Hospital in Gdańsk. The University of Gdańsk scientists are members of expert groups and science teams combating the COVID-19 threat. At the same time, they appear in the media explaining the subject of the threat and debunking its myths and half-truths. The University of Gdańsk offers free psychological support,  like one given to UG senior citizens by student science clubs members and student organizations, also by academic teachers who created online workshops to help cope with isolation. Our students aid homeless people and people in need as volunteers. Our entire academic community, both students and employees, have been greatly inconvenienced due to announcement of the state of pandemic. However, at the same time they proved to be responsible, engaged and big-hearted, for that Rector of the University of Gdańsk thanked them in a dedicated letter.


Information policy

All UG Authorities decisions are made out of concern for health and safety of the entire academic community of the University of Gdańsk. When it comes to the organizational decisions during pandemic the University informs its community on an ongoing basis. UG students receive information to their personal mailboxes through Student Portal, whereas employees through Employee’s Portal. Special website dedicated only to University operation during COVID-19 threat has been launched, where all communications, ordinances and practical information regarding safety measures are available. The website also includes FAQ section. We invite You to visit the website


translation: Adam Myzyk

Biuro Rzecznika Prasowego Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego