Dr Olga Martyniuk from UG laureate of the Prize of the Minister of Development and Technology

Dr Olga Martyniuk from WZ UG.

Publication entitled 'Entrepreneurship nests in a Polish edge city' co-authored by dr Olga Martyniuk from the Department of Corporate Finance, Faculty of Management, University of Gdańsk, was awarded the Prize of the Minister of Development and Technology in the category of national publications.

The authors of the publication are dr Olga Martyniuk (UG), dr hab. inż. arch. Justyna Martyniuk- Pęczek (GUT) and prof. dr hab. inż. Tomasz Parteka (GUT).

The book is the result of a research grant from the National Science Centre, in which concepts describing the phenomenon of Polish suburbanisation, i.e. the entrepreneurial nest and the Polish model of an edge city, were developed.

The research covers mainly the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area, but it also takes into account the national and global context.   

'We present the results of research on the correlation of two simultaneously developing phenomena: suburbanization and SME sector development in the Polish area during the transformation period after 1989,' - says dr Olga Martyniuk. - 'The results of the conducted research show that suburbanisation processes stimulate the development of settlement enclaves with a significant share of entrepreneurship in these areas - hereinafter referred to in the book as "entrepreneurship nests". They are characterised by a much higher share of SME sector units per capita than in the central cities of metropolises.'

The authors of the publication build a theoretical model based on developmental stimulants and de stimulants, identifying economic, locational, administrative, labour market, transport and other factors that influence the formation of 'entrepreneurship nests'. 

A part of dr Olga Martyniuk's research in the project and in the book concerned the analysis of the activity of SME sector enterprises in the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area, determination of the location intensity of SME sector enterprises in central cities and communes, selection of entrepreneurship nests in the economic aspect, as well as determination of factors influencing location decisions of SME sector entities. The UG researcher is the author of three of the seven chapters of the book.

'The aim of the publication was first of all to overcome stereotypical thinking about the suburbanisation process, but also to present a unique research technique consisting in combining urban planning analysis with economic and statistical methods to analyse the suburbanisation phenomenon and to present its model based on the development of the SME sector,' - explains dr Olga Martyniuk.

The presented research results may be used by various recipients, e.g. researchers in the field of economics and urban planning, as inspirational material for the presentation and development of scientific research, but also by officials, metropolitan authorities or planners, as cognitive material which may be used for the economic development of local communities.

The book entitled: 'Entrepreneurship nests in a Polish edge city', published by the Publishing House of the GUT, has already been awarded a distinction in the Knowledge and Dissemination category in the competition organised by the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy and the Society of Polish Town Planners - the Jerzy Regulski Award.

Congratulations to the Authors!

EMW / Press Office UG