Daycare centre for Ukrainian children established at UG

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The Creative Activity Zone is a new place on the map of the University of Gdańsk, created with children from Ukraine in mind. Thanks to the involvement of students, employees, numerous UG units and donors, a cosy and safe space was created in the building of the UG Chemistry Department, which is to allow a moment's respite but also to foster artistic development of the little charges.

Tuesday, April 19, saw the official launch of the UG Creative Activity Zone, established within the walls of the Faculty of Chemistry, in the place of the former bicycle shed. On Friday, April 22nd, prof. dr hab. Piotr Stepnowski, Rector of UG together with dr hab. Beata Grobelna, prof. UG Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry met with the organisers of the whole project.

'This is yet another element in the long chain of aid that the University of Gdańsk brings to Ukraine. I'm glad that this spirit is not weakening,' - thanked the organisers of the daycare prof. dr hab. Piotr Stepnowski, Rector of UG, and then turned to the people from Ukraine present in the hall. - 'In all this tragedy, it is important for you to feel at home with us. We know that this is a temporary solution, so when this shameful war is over, the University of Gdańsk will certainly be involved in rebuilding your higher education.'

'A year ago in our faculty strategy we wrote that we are an open faculty. We put this clause with the local community in mind, but this philosophy also translates to our neighbours from the East,' - said Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry dr hab. Beata Grobelna, prof. UG.

'It is now a warm, safe, open and friendly space to which we invite children of all ages. We have prepared a comfortable place for the youngest children to play, creative games for preschoolers, developing activities for older children and teenagers, as well as a quiet corner for mothers looking for a moment of rest,' - says Barbara Madany from ACK Alternator, involved in the project. - 'Two experienced animators from Ukraine - Halyna and Oksana - watch over the safety of the fun. Children from 3 years of age can stay under their care. Younger children are welcome to play under the supervision of their mothers.'

The idea of creating such a place came from the ACK Alternator and the Centre of Student and Doctoral Activity of the University of Gdańsk. Its smooth implementation was possible thanks to the positive reception by the UG authorities - Rector, prof. dr hab. Piotr Stepnowski, and Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Education Quality, dr hab. Arnold Kłonczyński, prof. UG.  

'At that time, the Students for Ukraine - We Help fundraiser was already underway at our University, and its scope and momentum were growing steadily. That's where we directed our first steps,' - says Barbara Madany. - 'With the help of the coordinators of the collection we managed to quickly spread information about the list of things we needed to equip our place. And then the magic began.'

Hundreds of items necessary to run the daycare poured into the Faculty of Social Sciences. The organisers say that after three days they managed to collect almost everything - from large pieces of furniture to crayons, paints and other educational aids.

'Thanks to the hearts of donors, including companies and private individuals, we did not spend a single zloty on equipment and furniture. Their involvement in the collection exceeded our wildest expectations and became a driving force for further action,' - adds Barbara Madany. -

During the collection, all the teaching facilities and the work plan, including the methodology, were created. A list of classes and activities that could encourage children to spend time at the community centre was created. The UG orchestra prepared a musical arrangement of fairy tale themes. A list of interesting places on the UG Campus that could be visited together with the children was also created.

'And it worked! Together, seeing that what we were doing made sense, we created the Creative Activity Zone at the University of Gdańsk. The first chapters of the history of this place were written by exceptional people. Thank you for all the goodness,' - concludes Barbara Madany.

The Creative Activity Zone (ul. Wita Stwosza 63) is open from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 3 pm. All classes are free of charge. There is no need to sign up in advance.

More information on the ACK Alternator fanpage.

Photos by ACK UG
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