Will love between the artist Sylva and the Hungarian prince EDWIN conclude similarly to the all-time love-story of Romeo and Juliette?

Will the romance between the artist and the prince, presented with music and dance in the rhythm of waltzes and csardases, stand the test of time?

You do not have to go to Vienna or Budapest to find out.

The three-act operetta soon to be in Gdańsk!

The premiere on 31 December 2019

The plays on 1 and 3 January 2020


We are waiting for you!


Event location:

NOT Theatrical Stage in Gdansk, Rajska 6 street

Play description:

The Csardas Princes is arguably the most successful and renown piece of Imre Kalman work. It has been entertaining viewers since its 1915  premiere in Vienna. It is the love story of Sylva (varieties artist) and Edwin (Lippert Weylersheim prince) presented in comedy terms, accompanied by Hungarian melodies of hit csardases, music that encourages both dancers on stage and viewers to dance.

Our production will allow the viewers to travel in time and take them to the 1930s, where we are going to entertain the audience with the Old Cinema atmosphere on The New Year’s Eve and the carnival of 2020.

The Creators:

The staging was taken care of by the inhabitants of Gdańsk : Anna Ferdyniak – Kołodziej (musician, educator, headmaster of kindergarten) and Grzegorz Piotr Kołodziej (artist-singer,  speech-therapist, assistant professor at the University of Gdańsk) – a married couple, full-time parents of three, now debuting as directors, creators and originators of the play.


We are very proud to announce that our local, Tricity artists will perform at our show. Those experienced performers know the stage very well and understand viewers tastes perfectly, which will guarantee the highest quality of the play.

Barbara Lewicka – soprano as the eponymous Sylva Varesca

Przemek Radziszewski- tenor as Edwin

Magdalena Chmielecka – soprano as Stasi

Grzegorz Piotr Kołodziej – baritone as Boni

Marcin Miloch – baritone as Feri

Anna Kociarz -as Princess

Maciej Konopiński – as Prince

The play will be conducted by the experienced, yet still young and energetic conductor Sylwia Janiak-Kobylińska, together with the orchestra of twenty. The music’s new arrangement will help you feel the atmosphere of the 1920s and 1930s.

You will definitely enjoy the  Jantar Song And Dance Ensemble from the University of Gdańsk. They will put you in the dancing mood with Hungarian csardas rhythms and waltzes, choreographed by Natalia Bartosz and Małgorzata Krzaczyńska.


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NOT Theatrical Stage, Rajska 6 street


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