Spring edition of Wampiriada starts at UG

The Independent Students' Association of the University of Gdańsk once again invites you to participate in the Wampiriada project, i.e. an action of honorary student blood donation. On the UG Campus there will be bloodbuses where all willing donors can give blood. Help if you can. Blood is the most precious gift of life.

Regional Blood Donation and Haemotherapy Centres still lack many groups of priceless blood. You can help to obtain it by joining the spring edition of the Wampiriada project!

Bloodbuses will be provided by the Regional Centre for Blood Donation and Haemotherapy in Gdańsk. They will stand at the UG campus in three places: May 9 - in the car park at the Faculty of Economics UG, May 10 - in the car park at the Faculty of Biology UG and May 11 - in the car park at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

All collections will take place between 9:00am and 2:00pm.

Are you going to the Wampiriada? Bring your ID card and a mask (bearing in mind the Council of Ministers' regulations, it is still compulsory to cover your mouth and nose in medical entities, and these include ambulances).

Remember, if you are not feeling well, have a cough, runny nose, fever, are weakened etc.- refrain from donating blood.

Do you have any doubts or questions? Write directly to the coordinator of the action - Przemysław Sadowski (contact number 512-806-690).

Apart from satisfaction, waiting for the blood donors will be chocolates and other additional gifts, as well as a two-day sick leave from RCKiK from classes at the university and from work.


The first Wampiriada took place in 2000 in Cracow and was organised by Przemysław Miłoń at the Cracow University of Technology. With time, the action became more and more popular. Since then, Wampiriada is held regularly, usually twice a year in all major academic centres in Poland.
EMW / Press Office UG